Build your biz AND cover your buns (B-School registration is open!)

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

Did you know that because I’m such a raving fan of B-School that Team Forleo reached out and featured me as a case study again this year? (I know… I was floored too. Ah-mazing!)

B School Case Study.png

Marie Forleo knows that if you’re a modern entrepreneur, you want 2 things:
You want SPEED and you want RESULTS.

What I love about B-School is that you don’t muck around wasting time, money and energy investing in random ideas and programs, trying to figure it out all alone holed up in your office typing on your laptop.

B-School hones in on what you really need to know to build a catchy website, create an opt-in (that everyone wants to download!), and write effective sales pages.

B-School helps you build your business FASTER.

The doors are finally open to B-School! Enroll in B-School right HERE.

In the online world, speed is critical. You can slog along trying to figure things out on your own (which is great if that’s working for you) or you can invest and get to where you want to go faster.

Not gonna lie – it can feel scary to invest thousands of dollars in yourself (I know – I’ve felt the same way…many times!), but I also know that it’s MORE painful to try to figure out how to do all the things It’s hard. It’s frustrating. And it’s painful.

You can sign up for B-School right here and get my free Legal Bonus (regularly $1997)!

My bonus to you for enrolling in B-School through my link is my “get legally covered so you can go bare now” online legal course which includes DIY legal templates, audio guides, videos, and a 1-Hour Power Hour with me.

This is my most complete legal course. It gives you EXACTLY what you need to save time, money and headaches. It protects your website, courses and income.


go bare now (1).png


You need legal documents and protections that have your back. So naturally, that’s what I’m providing to you! (Now THAT’S a bonus that takes the gluten-free cake!)

What’s included in this Legal Bonus?

You receive 8 customizable legal templates to protect your website, income and courses so you feel safe, secure, confident and empowered as a biz owner:

1. Website Disclaimer to let others know what you do and they won’t come after you.

2. Client Agreement to enroll your next 1-on-1 client and know you’ll get paid.

3. Sole Proprietor Biz Registration + Taxes Checklist to set things up “right”.

4. Website Terms + Conditions to protect your website content and deter sneaky copycats!

5. Privacy Policy to keep personal info from clients confidential and safe.

6. Terms of Use for Online Programs and Products to put your sales terms in writing for your group programs and online courses and protect your content.

7. LLC + S-Corp Checklist to learn how to keep your assets secure.

8. Trademark Self-Assessment to know when to trademark your tagline or logo.

And the BEST part….

As part of my Legal Bonus, you receive a free 1-Hour Power Hour (regularly $547) with me to ask any questions and receive support.

With this Legal Bonus in place, you’ll:

  • Walk away feeling safe, secure, confident and empowered on the legal front knowing you’ve build a solid legal foundation to ground and protect you.  
  • Secure your website, work, and income so you have legal language to fall back on if someone swipes your stuff or asks you for a refund. 
  • Cover your buns with 8 (yes 8!) legal templates ready to go that are easy to understand, written in plain English, and infused with Legal Love.  
  • Support your root chakra energetically because you’ll have a strong legal foundation in place so you’ll feel more safe, secure and grounded.

Ready to get legally covered? Ready to grow your business with B-School? Sign up for B-School & get your Legal Bonus here.

I’m  SO excited to support you in building your business FASTER through B-School and in legally PROTECTING what you’re working so hard to build!

I fully believe in the power of B-School and Marie’s videos based on my personal experience. In full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that I’ll earn a referral fee if you choose to sign up for B-School through my link, but you should know that the videos and course is AMAZING. I wouldn’t promote Marie’s work unless I fully believed in it. Promise.