Can you go against your own refund policy?

by | Nov 27, 2023 | Refund Policy & Collections

Sometimes a client will ask, “Lisa, I’m not sure that I want to have a ‘no refund’ policy because what if I want to give someone their money back?”

I tell them that you can ALWAYS waive (override) your own policy – but to do that, you have to HAVE a refund policy in writing first.

Think about that for a sec.

In order to “bag” a boundary – like a ‘no refund’ policy – you have to HAVE one first.  

Many coaches and biz owners – especially when just starting out – aren’t comfortable establishing boundaries with clients. At all.

After all, as heart-centered, caring coaches and healers, it can feel incongruent to establish strong, “cold” boundaries with clients.  

Clients might not want to sign up with us. They might not like us. They might back out.

That feels scary as a coach, because if you don’t have clients, you can’t pay the bills.😱

But here’s the thing… setting boundaries and caring for clients are not incompatible.

It’s actually the complete opposite.  

The act of setting boundaries IS actually caring for clients. 🥰

Setting boundaries helps you be a more effective coach. How so?  

🙌 You model the behavior you want from your clients. 
🙌 You become the leader your clients expect you to be.  
🙌 You attract ideal clients energetically who are eager to pay and do the work.

Boundaries and policies set up “the rules of the game” to help clients feel comfortable and secure.

Clients actually LIKE knowing from the start that you don’t give refunds.

It helps your client to commit and go all in since they can’t ask for their money back.

🥒 But, what IF your client gets into a financial pickle – and YOU want to give them a refund? Can you go against your own policy?

Yep, you can totally do that.

You can have a strong ‘no refund’ policy AND you can give a refund at any time.



The whole point of a ‘no refund’ policy is to keep YOU in the driver’s seat about when to give a refund.

You don’t want to be in a position where clients can demand a refund from you. No bueno! 

A ‘no refund’ policy is there to protect you, but it doesn’t mean you can never make exceptions. 

As I always say about law (and many other things), “it’s not an OR, it’s an AND!” Both things can be true at the same time…

⭐ You can have a ‘no refund’ policy AND override it whenever you want.
⭐ You can protect yourself legally AND be open-hearted. 
⭐ You can be generous AND give refunds anytime.

THAT I know for sure!

Here’s to creating strong boundaries – like ‘no refund’ policies in your biz!

Speaking of refund policies, if you have one that you cobbled together or you’re not sure if it’s really protecting you, grab my free legal guide which will tell you if your refund policy will hold up right here.