Create a wellness practice with more freedom, flexibility, fulfillment and fun

by | May 1, 2023 | Business-Building Resources

It seems we ALL are craving better ways to:

  • attract your ideal clients and increase your revenue – without working longer hours for less rewards.
  • create a streamlined business model that works for you and your lifestyle – without burning out.
  • stand out from the competition – without struggle.
  • harness the power of online tools and technology to reach a broader audience – with ease.

So that you can ENJOY your business – and your life – again!

Well, if you’re a health coach or functional wellness practitioner…

I want to invite you to the 2nd Annual “Build Your Online Practice Summit”, happening May 19th and 20th.



The FREE Summit is designed specifically for health & wellness practitioners.

It features a lineup of top industry experts who will share their insights and practical advice on how to build a successful and sustainable practice for more financial freedom and time to enjoy life.

I’ll be teaching you how to expand your online practice legally.

And the best part?

Because this event is live, you’ll have direct access to each expert for real-time answers to your burning questions.

Register for free now.

You don’t have to drown in work to be a successful business owner.

Michelle and her team have the answers you need to grow your practice and still have time for yourself, your family, your partner/friends and the things you love doing.

Michelle is outstanding – she knows her stuff!

Register now and take the first step towards building your dream practice.

Like a good lawyer, I need to let you know that should Michelle invite you to one of her paid products or programs as a result of this summit, that I may earn a referral fee. But know that I wouldn’t recommend Michelle or her work if I didn’t truly believe in her. #promise.