Do you get “closing the deal” anxiety?

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Business-Building Resources

Do your palms get sweaty when you’re sharing your offer?

You know, like when you’re on a discovery call with a potential client and it’s time to make your offer… and your wheels start turning about what could go wrong.

“What if they say no?”

“Or worse, what if they say they have to think about it?”

What do you do?

It helps to have a mentor teach you how to flip the script in your mind and make an offer that doesn’t make you cringe or stress out.

My friend Michelle Leotta is hosting a free upcoming event for health coaches starting September 25 called “Turn Consultations Into Clients…In Just 5 Days.”

I always love sharing Michelle’s resources with you because she has 12 years of experience as a practicing health coach so she totally gets it.



You’ll be led through a proven process to stop panicking about closing the deal and start signing paying clients with ease. No pushy sales tactics – or sweaty palms! – required.

This do-on-your-own-time training is for you if having sales conversations and talking about money makes you panic.

Believe me, we all feel uncomfortable at times making offers, especially if they’re brand new or no longer in the beta round (myself included!).

If you’re a new coach, or even if you’ve been a coach for a while, but you still have trouble getting the offer out of your mouth smoothly, this 5-day training can help.

Register for free right here.

Everyone raves about Michelle and her no-nonsense approach as the founder of Healthy Profit University, just like I do. She’s a straight-talker and won’t waste your time, but she also has a lot of heart.

You’re going to love this training if you want to make offers roll off of your tongue so you can close the deal more smoothly.

Save your seat here!