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I’ve been sharing Kate Northrup’s Relaxed Money program for a few days and enrollment closes tomorrow so now’s the time to say “I’m in!”

Here’s the skinny….

As Kate describes it, Relaxed Money is a 13-part live, online program (with an incredible community) to help you relax around money so you can become a magnet for abundance.

Relaxed Money


👛 upgrade your money mindset

👛 create new emotional blueprints around money

👛 heal your nervous system regarding receiving and expanding

👛 put practical financial systems in place

👛 and SO much more.

Learn more about Relaxed Money here.

Who is Relaxed Money for?

This course is for ambitious people who want to make, grow, save, and give more money while feeling calm and trusting.

🥇 For entrepreneurs who want to feel relaxed while growing their revenue.

🥇 For executives who want to trust themselves with money.

🥇 For creatives who want to know they can always take care of themselves and their families with surplus.

🥇 And, for leaders in the home who want to pass along a healthy money legacy to their children.

How exactly will Relaxed Money help you?

Relaxed Money will give you the tools & training to enable you to:

  • Clarify where you have agency so you can break free from inherited money patterns that are within your control (like thinking “I’ll never be good with money”) so you won’t pass them along to the next generation.
  • Expand your nervous system’s capacity to receive and savor abundance so that you become an energetic match for continued and expanded prosperity and pleasure. Mmmm… who doesn’t want that?
  • Create financial systems that are actually fun to maintain (shocking but true!) and set you up to fully trust yourself with money.
  • Set and track with short and long-term financial goals.

What does Relaxed Money include?

You get a lot of bang for your buck. (Pun totally intended!😂) Here’s the scoop:

✅ 13 Live Interactive Modules from Kate, plus an epic Feng Shui for Relaxed Money BONUS module also from Kate (valued at: $4,050)

✅ Course Content Access For One Year (valued at: $1,000)

✅ Exclusive invitation and discounted pricing for the next Relaxed Money Live Event (valued at: $2,000)

✅ BONUS: If you join Relaxed Money through my affiliate link. you’ll also get your choice of one of my 4 Legal Starter Kits! (priced at $1297 – but free for you!)

You’re in? Good call. Join right here.

How does the legal bonus help you make more money?

It’s a fact. Legal documents help you bring in more money. How so?

They shore up your legal boundaries.
They plug money leaks.
They limit your liability.
They have clear payment, refund and chargeback policies.
They help you feel safe.
They shift your energy so you aren’t in a state of fear or worry.
They help you feel more secure, confident and empowered so you show up with more courage in all you do.

And most importantly, they let you exhale and relax which allows the energy of money to flow… which is exactly what Kate teaches in Relaxed Money.

If you enroll, my extra bonus for you is that you can choose a FREE Legal Starter Kit of your choice. It’s a bundle of DIY Legal Templates to help you get legally covered – no matter how to work with clients.

You can choose from:

🌟Legal Starter Kit 1 – for working with 1-on-1 clients

🌟Legal Starter Kit 2 – for group online programs

🌟Legal Starter Kit 3 – for small groups/masterminds

🌟Legal Starter Kit 4 – for medical practices (licensed medical practitioners only!)

And if you’re not sure which Legal Starter Kit is right for you – no worries! My team and I will help you. And if you already have a Legal Starter Kit, you can choose 4 DIY Legal Templates of your choice.

Save your spot for Relaxed Money now if it feels aligned for you – the doors close TOMORROW!

Don’t wait – Relaxed Money enrollment closes tomorrow. Join right here right now.

Please know that I’ll earn a commission for any purchases you make through my link—but know that I wouldn’t recommend Kate or her offerings if I didn’t truly believe in her work. Promise!