episode 65: why deescalating emotion
is a legal strategy

Emotions can run high when a client wants a refund or tries to back out of a program. What can you do if the client is upset and threatens to sue you or to make nasty comments about you on social media? How can you try to diffuse the tension to avoid a lawsuit or harm to your reputation?

This episode explains why deescalating emotion is actually a powerful legal strategy to resolve a conflict with a client. 

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in this episode I share:

  • Why it’s important to diffuse the client’s heated emotions as a LEGAL strategy – not just a relationship-building strategy
  • The power of compassion and apology when working with a volatile client (especially when you don’t have a signed contract)
  • Why you should make sure the client feels heard and validated before you offer other solutions
  • Why dropping into your heart and putting your pride aside can be worth your temporary discomfort
  • The value of using a Client Agreement with 1-on-1 clients to spell out your client policies in writing



“You Had Me at I’m Sorry” by the National Law Review

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