episode 86: how to support your sacral chakra
with a client agreement

When you use a Client Agreement, you get clear about payment, communication and time boundaries which actually shifts the way you show up in your relationship with your clients. But, did you know that using a Client Agreement aligns energetically with your sacral chakra to support the growth of your income and creativity?

Listen to this episode to learn how client documents support your sacral chakra and why this is an unexpected “spiritual side effect of the law.”

listen to the podcast here:

in this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How I connect legal documents with energy work and why it helps you grow and support your business
  • 7 Energetic Shifts which can result from using a Client Agreement
  • Why I believe using a Client Agreement aligns with your sacral chakra to support your income and abundance 
  • Examples of Time Leaks and how to plug them
  • Examples of Money Leaks are and how to plug them
  • Examples of Energy Leaks are and how to plug them
  • Why Client Agreements help you set and enforce your boundaries in a loving way


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