episode 88: 2 big risks when doing a trademark search

The first step to Trademarking your brand is to do a Trademark Search. The purpose of a Trademark Search is to identify potential conflicts with existing registered Trademarks so you can assess whether it’s wise to move forward with a Trademark Application. I recommend that you have an attorney help you with the Trademark Search, but clients often ask me, “What are the risks if I do a Trademark Search on my own?”

In today’s episode, we’ll identify the 2 biggest risks to watch for when doing a Trademark Search on your own.

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in this episode you’ll learn:

  •  What a Trademark is and how it protects you
  • The main benefit of Trademarking
  • 2 big risks of doing a Trademark Search on your own 
  • What can happen if you rely solely on an “initial search” in the USPTO database
  • Why what is “confusingly similar” to the USPTO might not be apparent to you
  • Why I recommend having a lawyer experienced in Trademarking help you with a Trademark Search 
  • Why I believe having a Trademark is a “crown jewel” for a small business owner
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