Fall cleaning? Streamline and organize your business too.

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Business-Building Resources

T’is the season for getting organized. If you’re anything like me, sometimes your business looks smooth on the outside, but feels a bit chaotic behind the scenes.

While I know that doesn’t stop you (or me!) from moving forward, bringing a bit more ease into the mix can be helpful.

I was just talking with Joanna Sapir about this very subject the other day when we sat down over Zoom.

In a super short and sweet convo, we talked about what type of legal documents you need for client interaction and how to plug holes in your refund policy if you’re a wellness professional.

Our goal: To streamline your legal documents and clean up your money leaks.🧹

Joanna popped our conversation into her limited podcast series she’s calling The Sustainable Practice Toolkit.



This Toolkit has short interviews (20 minutes each!) – and meaty strategies and tools (with, yes, free gifts!) to streamline the back end of your biz & open up more space and income with less time and effort.

Joanna’s included tools and resources in the areas of:

  • 💸 Money Management & Bookkeeping
  • 📷 Marketing & Social Media
  • ⚖️ Legal Help & Considerations (<— that’s me!) 😀
  • 📋 Client Management & Success
  • 🔊 Human Resources & Hiring
  • …and much more!

Get the Sustainable Practice Toolkit here.

👀 Look for my episode called “The Legal Love Library: The BEST Legal Templates for Wellness Professionals.”

Fall is the perfect time to take a more intentional, organized, and deliberate approach to your business. This Toolkit can help.

Here’s to cleaning up your biz – and your legal docs!

Check out Joanna Sapir’s The Sustainable Business Toolkit here. It’s a limited series podcast with short episodes and loads of free gifts – including one from me. I’m not an affiliate, in case you’re wondering. I just wanted to support her work. 🙂