Feeling ready for a breakthrough with money?

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Business-Building Resources

Most business owners struggle with at least one big challenge inside of their business.

Many times it all comes down to one pesky belief or a pattern that keeps getting repeated…which is harming your results.

Here’s the truth: To move beyond self-defeating patterns, you need to not only SEE them, but then you need to LET THEM GO.

It’s not always easy to do that on our own. (Ahem, am I talking from experience?)

That’s why I’d love to introduce you to my friend Leisa Peterson, author of The Mindful Millionaire. She’s a money coach and wealth expert.

I’ve known Leisa for several years. We spent time together last November grabbing green juice in Sedona and again this Spring in the red rocks. She actually LIVES in Sedona (I know!!!! Amazing, right?)



Leisa has developed a daily practice that enables you to consistently drop away self-limiting patterns and tap directly into the alignment, flow and abundant-thinking.

Leisa and I not only share the same name (although it’s spelled differently!), but we both align our work around the chakras. Her focus is money. Mine is law.

Leisa is the real deal. She’s been identified by Forbes as one of “10 Women Driving Growth in Wealth Management and Investing”. She’s appeared on Gaia Media’s streaming channel, Coast to Coast radio, The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, The Week, Huffington Post and has been featured on hundreds of podcasts and radio shows.

Leisa is offering a powerful online workshop on August 31 at 5pm ET / 2pm PT called “Free Your Mind from Scarcity – Clearing Your Chakras for Prosperity.”



If you want to shift your beliefs around money and prosperity, save your seat here.
During the free live seminar, Leisa will help you identify the beliefs, habits and behaviors that could be sabotaging your efforts so you can let them go on the spot.

You’ll learn…

  • Simple shifts in attention that can instantly open the door to wisdom and prosperity.
  • How energy centers within your body trap limiting beliefs within your psyche and why that matters for your well-being and financial success.
  • What the 7 primary chakras are, how to tell if they are balanced or overactive, and how to use them to thrive in any economic situation. (You probably know the 7 main chakras from following my work, but she connects them to money.)
  • Innovative ways to give yourself grace and create greater momentum.
  • How to align with your highest and most multi-dimensional self through a powerful practice.

Learn more and register for the no-cost webinar here.

Here’s to aligning the chakras with law… and with money!

In full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that if Leisa invites you during or after the workshop to enroll in a program or course, I’ll earn a referral fee if you choose to sign up through my affiliate link here. Know that I wouldn’t recommend Leisa or this workshop if I didn’t fully believe in her financial smarts and healing work.