Feeling scared to claim your brand? Do this.

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Trademark & Copyright

Have you ever gotten a divine download of a new program name – or even an entire brand message – and it felt “too big” for where you are right now?

You would not believe the number of times that a business owner has told me that it can feel scary to claim a new brand.

It can feel terrifying to step into that brand and try it on… kind of like how you might feel if you received a $1 million check out of the blue – because, while fabulous, it might feel a little too “big” to actually receive.

Even though you WANT a heartfelt meaningful lucrative brand, sometimes – like receiving a $1 million check out of the blue (like the case with a lot of lottery winners) – your energy doesn’t yet match the brand – the money – the “BIGNESS” of a program name or a business name or a brand name.

Your identity just isn’t aligned with it yet.

It’s hard to claim something when you aren’t aligned with it yet.

How do you actually claim it? How do you allow yourself to receive it? How do you protect it once you’ve given yourself permission to own it?

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s hard to claim a brand you’re not aligned with yet…even when you really want it
  • Why you should make sure your new brand hasn’t also “landed” on someone else in a way that’s substantially similar to your idea
  • Why you should get support to help you align yourself energetically with the brand
  • Why you should consider Trademarking your new tagline, logo, business name, program name to protect your new brand

Have a listen to Episode 68 (less than 13 minutes!) right here.

Here’s to your right to own, honor and protect your divine downloads, your ideas, and your new brand!