Free biz tools for you (seriously.)

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Business-Building Resources

I love running an online business, being my own #ladyboss and planning my own schedule. #dreamjob

But, as thrilling as our online biz gig can be, it’s not like every single day is filled ONLY with rainbows and unicorns. Even for me, Miss Cheerleader. (I really was a cheerleader in high school.) #notyourtypicallawyer

There are technical aspects to learn, mindset shifts to make, crazy schedules to manage, and many failed attempts to squeeze in a run only to find myself still sitting in my yoga pants at day’s end. I’m guessing you can relate.

It’s hard to do it all by ourselves – to learn and figure it all out on our own. We need help.

If you didn’t grab it already, there’s still time to sign up for and receive a boatload of free gifts that are truly substantive and helpful (I’ve downloaded all of them myself!).:

The Coaches’ Toolkit Giveaway from Maria Saracen is like a buffet of courses, done-for-you materials, stock photography and other biz tools and (calorie-free) indulgences that can help add to your bottom line but not your, er…bottom. (Sorry! I couldn’t resist!)

Get them ALL for FREE:

  • My own DIY Mini-Disclaimer for your program guides, social media pages, and PDFs ($97 value).
  • How to find your brand voice, so you can communicate with confidence and stand out;
  • A step-by-step guide to DIY your website without breaking your piggy bank or losing your mind!
  • Training to create an irresistible signature talk that builds your list and gets you clients;
  • How to support your clients with essential oils…including the best oils for anxiety, overwhelm, fear and grief
  • A rescue pack for a neglected email list, filed with word for word scripts to gracefully re-enter subscribers’ stone-cold hearts and inboxes.

And so many more!

This is the 3rd year I’ve been honored to participate in this giveaway and what I love about it is that everyone who contributes is SO generous. They give really good, helpful content – not just teasers or surface-level content.  It’s the real deal, I promise!

Coaches Toolkit Giveaway.jpg

Hurry though – The Coaches Toolkit Giveaway ends June 24th so get the goods now!

Grab The Coaches Toolkit Giveaway HERE.

Here’s to free biz tools that you can use right away (because, really, who doesn’t like biz tools for free?!)