FREE business booster pack for health coaches (Details inside.)

by | May 22, 2023 | Business-Building Resources

If you’re a health coach or holistic practitioner, you know the benefit of eating green apples and other low-sugar fruit. 🍏 They’re full of vitamins and fiber and water – and hearing that crunch when you bite into an apple is oh-so-satisfying. (Is it just me?)

You know that they boost your health and strength on the front end so you don’t run into issues on the back end, if you know what I mean. 😂

And now I have some free gifts that, like green apples, boost the health and strength of your business!

I’m thrilled to share the 4th Annual FREE Marketing for Health Coaches Business Booster Pack, curated by my friend and well-respected marketing coach Amy Lippmann.

It’s filled with all kinds of tools, trainings, and done-for-you resources to supercharge your health coaching business.



Amy’s the real deal. She’s been in this industry for 13 years – first as a health coach and now as a Marketing Strategist for health coaches. She was one of the first health coaches-now-biz-coaches who I respected and admired in the industry.

Amy has carefully curated this Business Booster Pack from experts she respects with essential things your business needs like…

  • Addressing Chronic & Autoimmune Conditions With Functional Nutrition from Functional Nutrition Alliance (Andrea Nakayama) so you can learn how to influence the factors that contribute to chronic illness within the scope of Functional Nutrition (Value $499).
  • The Ultimate Instagram Makeover Kit from Wellness Stock Shop with all the tools you need to design (and grow) an Instantly beautiful Instagram feed (and brand)! (Value $150).
  • The Ultimate Health Coaching Content Kit from Kylie Malcolm that includes website copywriting templates, email templates, ebook template, a coaching challenge and bonuses to expand your online presence as a coach. (Value $750).
  • Selling Passive Income Products 101 from Stephanie Long so you can learn exactly how to make passive income in your health and wellness business by selling digital products online! (Value $125).
  • Discovery Call Flow Script from Nicole Cramer with pre-made scripts, questions, and a detailed framework for conducting successful discovery calls. (Value $111).

And SO much more, including my gift to you which I know you’re going to love:

  • DIY Legal Master Class: “How Not To Make Medical Claims – And What To Do Instead” so you can learn 5 legal tips about what you shouldn’t do or say when it comes to talking about diseases – and what to do and say instead (with specific examples included!) (Value $97).

This Business Booster Pack is only available until May 31st  – so grab it while you can and savor each gift and get the most out of them.

This is free health coach marketing and legal info pulled together to make it easy for you to get top tips. I don’t know about you, but I’m ALL about ease!

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Here’s to free biz tools that you can use right away (because, really, who doesn’t love biz tools for free?!)

Like skipping to the end? Here’s the scoop! Amy Lippmann’s 4th Annual FREE Marketing for Health Coaches Business Booster Pack, is full of over $2,700 worth of incredible business tools, trainings, and done-for-you resources, including one of my most popular Legal Master Classes. They’re yours, For FREE… but only until May 31st, so get them while you can! 

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