FREE CLASS: Why shifting from the day-to-day can lighten your legal & brighten your biz

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Business-Building Resources

Do you ever feel like your biz is stuck in a rut?

Maybe your packages aren’t selling quite like they used to….

Maybe your dream clients are not quite saying yes…

Maybe you are hearing crickets on social media, unlike before.

This is happening to more and more coaches and entrepreneurs out there. You hear things like “The market feels saturated.” or “Coaches don’t have integrity anymore.” or “Everyone’s always trying to sell you something you don’t need.”

Not true, I say – but I get why it can FEEL that way! 

That’s why I believe that to continue to grow and expand that it’s soooo vital to get out of the day-to-day, ho-hum mindset so that we have space to shift…. 

I’ve found a way to do just that…and I’m guessing you might find it helpful for you too so I wanted to create a container to talk about it.

Join me for an all-new-content Legal Love Class on Zoom: 

(it’s not your typical webinar) 

Wednesday March 4
10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Register here.

Whether you’re new or experienced in your biz…we all tend to hold ourselves back at times.

We feel scared to make big leaps and we just stay snuggled up in our yoga pants and slippers drinking our tea while we type away safe and sound on our laptop.

And we wonder why nothing changes in our business….

There’s a strange paradox I’ve discovered having to do with safety and risk and how to condense time to get better results faster and more effortlessly in our business. 

Take just one hour to see for yourself and to see your biz in a different light.

In this free online class you’ll learn:

  • Why stepping out of your day-to-day comfort zone condenses time to bring results faster (and how to do it with confidence!)
  • How your business can exponentially expand when you view law & biz in a “lighter & brighter”, more holistic way. (You can’t get bogged down in just marketing or just legal or just mindset. It’s really ALL connected, but in different ways than you think.)
  • Why immersing yourself in high vibe experiences and luxuries shifts your vibe to attract more clients, money and impact in your life & business.
  • How to feel safe & secure AND take calculated risks at the same time. Paradoxically, both safety AND risk are needed to be successful… It’s not an “OR”, it’s an “AND”! I’ll share examples from my own life and biz – and we’ll talk about ways you can do it too.

I can’t wait to help you feel a little bit lighter & brighter in legal, life & biz in this free class. We’ll be meeting on Zoom.

Save your space to join the convo by clicking here.