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by | Apr 19, 2024 | Business-Building Resources

When was the last time you saw a heist movie?💎💸🦹

You know – the type of films where they form a whole ensemble of people who are very good at specific things in order to pull off an incredible heist at the end?

I think my personal fave is Ocean’s 11 – you just can’t beat having Matt Damon, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bernie Mac, Andy Garcia, Qin Shaobo, Casey Affleck, and Elliott Gould – and that whole amazing cast! – going for 3 casinos and $150 million in one BIG Las Vegas heist!

You’ve got…

the masterminds
the pick-pockets
the hackers
the ‘money’ movers
the safe-breakers
the lookouts
the contortionists
the undercover agents
the distractions
the con artists…

They all work together as one big team to pull off an incredible caper, but each has their role.

It’s kind of the same when you think about your money, right?

You need all of the parts…

the budgets
the cash flows
the investments
the income
the expenses
the revenue
the savings…

They all work together to pull off your BUSINESS capers for you.

So many finance experts have us focused on all of these numbers but that really doesn’t matter if you haven’t healed your personal relationship with money first.

You can try to earn more, more, more – but you want to know the uncomfortable truth?

If your relationship with money stinks, no amount of money is going to heal fear, anxiety, worry, and feeling out of control.

Much like how a successful heist movie needs someone undercover working both angles – your relationship with money is an inside job too.

It doesn’t matter how much you’re earning, if you’re still doing things like:

  • Avoiding logging into your bank accounts so you can put your head in the sand if you’re in the red.
  • Telling yourself you’re ‘bad at numbers’ so you can hand your money tasks off to someone else.
  • Sacrificing the things that mean the most to you and overwork yourself to make great money.
  • Feeling guilty that you want more money than you currently have.
  • Constantly being in a state of unease about your money.

Then your relationship with money has got 👏 to 👏 change.👏

Because money doesn’t have to be so frickin’ stressful!

That’s why I’m so glad that people like Kate Northrup exist.

My friend Kate Northrup is hosting a 3-day workshop called “Wide Receiver” starting April 23 to help you start healing your relationship with money – step-by-step!

Save your seat to Kate’s “Wide Receiver” workshop now!

In Kate’s workshop, she’ll be walking you through some pretty transformative exercises and frameworks in real time. Her well-known exercises like:

  • The Cycle of Relaxed Money Manifestation
  • The Relaxed Money Activation Process
  • The 13-Pillar Relaxed Money Blueprint

It’s going to be magical! ✨

Sounds amazing, right? Secure your spot here.

The workshop starts on April 23rd! (I’ll be watching too!)

After all, any heist can’t take place without the mastermind behind it (aka YOU!) 😀

Money can be just as fun as a heist movie (if you let it be)! 😉

Join Kate’s “Wide Receiver” workshop to update your relationship with money!

Please know that I’ll earn a commission for any purchases you make through my link—but know that I wouldn’t recommend Kate or her offerings if I didn’t truly believe in her work. Promise!