Get a one-stop shop for everything you need for online courses and clients

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Business-Building Resources

Creating a group program or online course – but want to keep things simple?

Want to host your video modules “somewhere” – but aren’t super-confident with online systems?

Looking for one centralized place for participants to access your course content – but don’t want to pay a ton?

Enter Simplero.

I’ve been using Simplero since 2013 because it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need for online courses and clients.



I have ALL of my DIY legal templates, courses and services hosted through Simplero. I use it for my e-newsletters, invoices, affiliate programs and more.

If you’re a techno-phobe, don’t worry. Simplero is designed to be simple. (Hence the company’s name “Simplero”… it’s a play on “simple”… get it?)

My favorite Simplero features are:

  • Automated Courses – Hosting automated audios, videos and content for my DIY products and online courses allows my clients access 24/7.
  • E-mail marketing – Scheduling emails and managing my distribution list right in Simplero saves my team so much time and effort.
  • Billing – Integrated billing with Stripe and Paypal allows us to create invoices, track client payments and generate sales reports.
  • Affiliates – Tracking and paying over 400+ affiliates through Simplero’s easy-to-use affiliate platform creates ease for us.
  • Legal Terms – Simplero makes it simple to include legal terms for websites, group programs, memberships and online courses to combat refunds, no-payments and cancellations. (You KNOW I love this feature!)

All in one place you can build a website or landing page, do marketing, host a membership site, share videos and podcasts, upsell your services, and even more.

In fact, I’m such a long-time avid user that Simplero asked me to become a Trusted Advisor.

This means that I’m one of few who can offer you a 45-day free no-strings-attached trial so you can try it out but not have to commit right away.

(That’s my kind of trial!)

If you know you’re ready to use an online platform to host your next online course or create a membership site, check out Simplero.

Their customer service team is very responsive and helpful. It’s a great platform for running an online business.

Find out more about Simplero and start your 45-day free trial here.

Since I am an affiliate for Simplero, as I shared above, that means I will receive an affiliate commission if you sign up for their services through my Trusted Advisor page here.