Get clear for next year

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

If you’re not quite where you thought you’d be in your personal life or business, the holiday season can make it painfully obvious and overwhelming. 

I’ve got some inspiring news, though. You can still end this year focused and proud of all you’ve done before we close out 2019. And you won’t be doing it alone!

My dear friend (and the coach for coaches) Jeannine “Jey” Yoder is sharing an amazing resource as we go into the holiday season. 

It’s a Holiday Challenge of 14 days of soulful practices from a different high impact mentor every day (like Kate Northrup, Nisha Moodley, Danielle Laporte… and me!)

This is a free self-care training and an introduction to a life coach training with the support of a soul sisterhood and 20+ celebrity life and business coaches to better position yourself for all that you want in 2020.

Imagine a new year where, since you can make your own hours and be your own boss, you can take all the time off you need. You can afford anything you want, without struggling to get by. Your obligations in your current job and life don’t keep piling up, making you anxious. It’s all very possible and that’s what Jey’s work is all about!

Join Jeannine Yoder’s NEW FREE Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast to end strong and get clear for next year.


The Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast is not another virtual training that leaves you to figure it out on your own. 

The most unique and beautiful feature in this 14-day challenge is the community of women and the support throughout the transition to a new year. No one will be left behind in this group. And most importantly, you’ll be building your confidence and deciding if you’re ready to become a mastery level trained life coach.

In the Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast, you receive:

  • Rituals to stay grounded and focused during the holiday season.
  • Exclusive insight and support from 20+ of the hottest coaches in the industry.
  • Sisterhood and Personal Support from Jey
  • Coaching and Business Resources
  • Details about the process Jey discovered is the key to thriving as a life coach.

If you’re already a coach or entrepreneur, you’ll practice the art of self-care as a top priority and core message of your business and life…and who doesn’t need more of that, especially at THIS busy time of the year?

The Holiday Challenge begins TODAY, December 2nd, so sign up HERE (and meet Jey in a quick audio podcast to learn more). 

Here’s to experiencing the holidays and achieving your dreams for 2020 with ease, balance, and joy!

I’ve known Jey for several years and been a mentor in her life coaching program called Mentor Masterclass. She’s such a heartfelt, caring coach, wise soul sister and former Broadway star all rolled into one. She brings love, life and zest into all she does. I’m a proud affiliate for Jey and her programs so if you enroll through my link, I’ll receive a commission. I wouldn’t promote her work if I didn’t believe in her. Happy holidays!!