Give yourself the gift of B-School + customizable Legal Templates [Last chance]

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

TODAY is the day!!

The big Kahuna.

Decision time.

Are you going for it with B-School?

Or are you staying put doing what you’ve been doing for the past year.

By enrolling in B-School, you’ll gain massive clarity on your profit centers, offerings, marketing, list-building, communication and MORE.

You’ll open yourself up to attract brand new opportunities and offerings for your business.

You’ll move FASTER towards the business and life that you want b/c you won’t be spinning your wheels, pulling your hair out, or trying to figure it all out on your own.

By now, you know just how amazing I think B-School is and why it’s worth every penny.

And my free legal bonus course makes it even sweeter!

The doors to B-School are closing at 3pm ET today. Sign up for B-School now and receive my “go bare now” legal course (regularly $1997) as my gift!

go bare now (1).png

These customizable legal templates AND a 1-Hour Q&A Power Hour with me will help you to protect your website, income and courses so you feel safe, secure, confident and empowered as a biz owner to create anything that you want.

When you get your free legal documents in place, you’ll

  • Walk away feeling safe, secure, confident and empowered on the legal front knowing you’ve build a solid legal foundation to ground and protect you.


  • Secure your website, work, and income so you have legal language to fall back on if someone swipes your stuff or asks you for a refund.


  • Cover your buns with key legal templates ready to go that are easy to understand, written in plain English, and infused with Legal Love to protect your website, 1-on-1 client work and online & group programs.


  • Support your root chakra energetically because you’ll have a strong legal foundation in place so you’ll feel more safe, secure and grounded.

B-School is offered only once a year so THIS is your time to enroll. No time to wait. Today is the day to get your biz off the ground and legally cover your buns by joining B-School before the doors close today.

Join B-School HERE before 3pm ET TODAY and get my “go bare now” legal course to protect your work, income and brand for FREE.

Here’s to joining B-School – and getting legal documents for FREE!

I fully believe in the power of B-School based on my personal experience. In full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that I’ll earn a referral fee if you choose to sign up for B-School through my link (thank you in advance) AND you will receive my legal course “get legally covered so you can go bare” for FREE (you’re most welcome!) #everybodywins. Please know that the course is AMAZING and I wouldn’t promote Marie’s work unless I fully believed in it. Promise.