Happy New Year – and Happy Copyright Law Day!

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Trademark & Copyright

Happy New Year! It’s January 1st! Hope you had heartwarming holidays and you’re feeling rested and rejuvenated for a new year.

I bet you didn’t realize…

It’s also National Copyright Law Day!

Who knew, right?

I know! There are not a ton of holidays dedicated to legal protections (shocker!), so I’m giving this one a shout out because starting the year protecting your work is one of the best things you can do to honor your biz.

Copyright can feel confusing.

“What do I need to Copyright?
“What CAN be Copyrighted?”
“How do I use the Copyright symbol properly?”

Legal Love™ Tip: Copyright principles apply to EVERYTHING you do as an online entrepreneur or small business owner.



Yep – Copyright protections can extend to anything that you create in your biz that is original, unchanging, and created by YOU as the author.

Copyright gives you rights to claim ownership to your work, both legally AND energetically. It allows you to have a leg to stand on if someone swipes or copies your work.

You can copyright your social media, blog posts, e-books, books, program materials, course handouts, emails, website content, sales pages…you name it!

Personally, I’ve registered 2 Copyrights with the US Copyright Office:

  1. My book: Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good For Your Soul
  2. My podcast: Get Legally Enlightened

(Pssst! Did you know you can Copyright your podcast? You can. You can Copyright the scripts and also recordings. LMK if you have questions about how to do that.)

Here’s my actual US Copyright registration for my Get Legally Enlightened podcast scripts (they print it on funky paper):



Want to know more about Copyright and how it protects your work from Copycats?

Have a listen to my previously-aired Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode 29 called “Copyright 101 and how to use the ‘little C’.” Listen in on my website HERE or iTunes HERE.

In less than 15 minutes you can feel more confident and clear around Copyrights as you head into a new year and think about what work you want to protect.

Happy New Year – and Happy Copyright Law Day!