Have a sales funnel? The legal language you need.

by | Mar 20, 2024 | DIY Legal Templates

Have a sales funnel?
Building a website?
Creating an opt in page?
Posting on social media?

Did you know you need legal language for all of these things?


So many business coaches tell you to “just get going” and “just post!” to build traction.

But what business coaches don’t know is that “just posting” could get you into a legal pickle down the road. 🥒

No joke.

During Legal Chats every week, my team hears coaches say, “I had no idea that I needed legal language for my opt in” and “Do I really need a disclaimer for social media?”

Coaches have been caught like a deer 🦌 in the headlights 🚘 without the right legal language.

And it breaks my heart.💔

💡That’s why I want to legally enlighten you in a super-easy way.

I’m all about Legal Love™ and helping you feel empowered and safe as you build your online business.

AND to celebrate the 7th anniversary this month (I know 7 years!!!) of my book, Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good For Your Soul

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Easy Legal Steps, Mini-Class 1: What do I need for my website and sales funnel? March 26


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What do I need for my website and sales funnel?
(aligned with your heart chakra)
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