Having a business roadmap helps – and then you can tweak it

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Business-Building Resources

SO much has changed in my business in the past 9 years.

Back in 2012, I didn’t have anything that showed me the big picture of how to run a successful online business. 

I got lots of great coaching trainings on how to create great opt-ins and how to hold a successful discovery session, but there was NO COURSE that covered ALL aspects of online business ownership from soup to nuts.

I can’t even remember how I found Marie Forleo and B-School in 2013 but THANK GOODNESS I did. It was an unbelievable gift that completely changed the way I ran my business.

I was instantly drawn to Marie’s organized and fun way of teaching how to actually run a successful business online – from list-building to website development to marketing. It felt like a 1-stop shop for the foundation that I needed to make money online.

I watched Marie’s free videos and immediately signed up for B-School.

At IIN, I learned how to be a health coach and how to offer a 6-month 1-on-1 coaching program, but I didn’t learn how “do all the things” to support an online program or course.

What I learned most from Marie is the roadmap for setting up business structures to create a sustainable online business, like:

    who exactly my ideal client is

     how to build an e-newsletter list

     how to market and communicate with potential clients regularly

     what to say on my website

     how to create an online program or course (other than 1-on-1)

And, boy, did it work!

Since then, I’ve:

    published Easy Legal Steps – my book that hit #1 on Amazon in 3 categories

     created Get Legally Enlightened podcast with 100 episodes of bite-sized legal tips in 20 minutes or less

     launched the “Go Bare Now” online legal course and made 6 figures in the 1st launch in 2015 (thanks to what I learned in B-School)

     been a frequent legal guest expert for over 350 podcasts, webinars and live events, including John Lee Dumas’s EOF podcast and Jonathan Fields’ Camp GLP and on stage at the Bellagio(!) – and even at the same event as Gabrielle Bernstein and Kris Carr (where I got to meet them both in person – really!!)

     traveled on average 18 trips a year (pre-COVID!) to amazing places like Hawaii, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Sedona, San Diego, LA, NYC, etc. while still bringing in income through passive income sources

Over the past 9 years, I’ve taken the foundational business structures that I learned in B-School and tweaked them to have a business that feels aligned for me.

I’m not saying that if you do B-School and follow her exact steps you’ll have a million dollar business next year. But, B-School laid the groundwork, and from there I could tweak the things she taught so that they worked for me.

I worked really hard for several years after B-School (not going to lie!) and now I have soooooo much more time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom.

B-School starts with the basics, and you can build from there.  

As I always say, you have to learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide before you can learn algebra, trigonometry or calculus. Think of Marie as your math teacher.

Now, I know Marie has been “in the news” for several reasons over the past year related to diversity/inclusion issues and I do believe she’s honestly learned from her mistakes. I personally believe that people need to be held accountable when they screw up, but they also need to be able to learn and grow and evolve in their beliefs and actions. I believe she is doing that. 

And one thing I know for sure: I don’t think I would have the business I have today without learning what I did in B-School and implementing it.

I just don’t think I could have found a better way to get such substantive, helpful information in such a short period of time as the 6 weeks in B-School.

That’s why I agreed to be an affiliate for B-School again this year to share some of Marie’s magical goodness and business savvy so you can get a rock solid foundation and then build whatever you dream for your biz.

In her free video HERE, Marie shares that she has a passion for not only coaching and personal development, but also for hip hop dance, fitness, marketing, writing and speaking…and she’s also really witty – and freaking hilarious.

Marie says that her background in marketing and selling in different industries has given her “a unique perspective on what it takes to really make an online business work, especially if you are creative like me.”

Marie now has a business worth tens of millions of dollars that changes lives all around the world. (Can you even imagine?)

She’s even been invited to speak by Oprah, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, just to name a few – and her widely-watched MarieTV episodes are laugh-out-loud funny every single time.

How did she do it? Discover Marie’s 6 Essential Steps To A Thriving, Profitable Business in this video HERE.



You’ll see why she believes that big-hearted nice people like you and me are actually WIRED to succeed in this online world – and why NOW is the time to get your online biz launched and bringing you income.

 Here’s to building your foundation with B-School – and to Marie’s 6-step roadmap!


I fully believe in the power of this work given my personal experience with the B-School course content. I will earn a referral fee if you later purchase through my link.