Health Coaches: Create a Social Media Strategy That Works

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Business-Building Resources

It seems like everyone is sucked into their phones non-stop these days. We have a love/hate relationship with social media.

On one hand, it’s a powerful tool for connecting with people, feeling less alone and growing your business.

On the other? It can be time consuming, and show little to no results for your business. (What a bummer, right?)

If you’re using social media for your biz and it’s time to whip your social media strategy into shape while keeping personal boundaries with screen time…

I’ve got just the thing for you.

My friend Michelle Leotta is hosting a no-cost 5-Day Challenge that I HIGHLY recommend. I love sharing Michelle’s resources with you because she has 12 years of experience as a practicing health coach and tons of practical knowledge in the field.

And as a single mom running 2 businesses, Michelle knows how to work efficiently… which means she can’t spend all day on social media.

Join Michelle’s upcoming free Challenge called “Create a Social Media Strategy That Works…In Just 5 Days.”


Register for the Challenge right here.

The goal of the Challenge? Using social media effectively AND efficiently. You’ll get no-nonsense and to the point actionable social media tips. (That’s my kind of event!

The free 5-day Challenge happens from April 17 – 21.

Even if you’re busy that week, sign up anyway and get access to all of the materials.

Here’s to refreshing your social media strategy this Spring!

In full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that if Michelle invites you during or after the challenge to enroll in a program or course, I’ll earn a referral fee if you choose to sign up through my affiliate link. Know that I wouldn’t recommend Michelle or this challenge if I didn’t fully believe in her work. #promise