Health Coaches – plan your 2019 in only 5 days

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Business-Building Resources

I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at a speaking conference hosted by Pat Flynn. It is freeeeezing here on the shores of Lake Michigan with the wind whipping through my ears.

It feels like winter even though the Winter Solstice isn’t until December 21st…which means that the end of the year is quickly approaching. I’ve been feeling the nudge to start planning for 2019. How about you?

Have you started your 2019 business planning yet? Did you meet your 2018 goals – or did you shelve some of your “big ideas” for 2019 (like I did)?

Do you like to make your lists of your 2018 accomplishments? Review your year on your own?

Or do you like to be guided by someone through year-end reflection and goal-setting for next year? (Personally, I need a little of both.)

If you want guidance as you create your 2019 plan, then you’ll love Christi Cass’s Health Coach Masterplan 2019!

It’s a 5-day planning event where you can walk away with an income boosting plan for 2019.

During the (free) Masterplan event, you will:

  • Reflect on 2018 – Celebrate your big wins, look at what didn’t work, and lay a strategy for next year. 
  • Align your vision and your valuesReview your big “Why” to make sure you’re still aligned, define what you want in 2019, and set goals from there.


  • Create a growth-focused roadmapLook at ways that technology and support can move you forward and how you can market yourself to receive more.


  • Build your visibility – Learn how to build your network of professional relationships to reach a wider audience, stand out and grow your list.


  • Put your plan into actionFocus on how to apply your methods for success throughout 2019.

The Health Coach Masterplan 2019 begins on December 3rd. It’s designed for health coaches but anyone who is holistically-minded is welcome.


Anyone who signs up will receive a video bonus lesson with the 3 legal steps you want to be sure you have in place as you head into 2019. (Yes, Christi asked me to gift a video bonus lesson for the Masterplan and I was honored to do it!)



Click here to join the Masterplan for FREE

Here’s to being guided as you celebrate your successes and get a plan in place for next year!

P.S. Christi gives so much value in the Masterplan, but because it’s the season of giving, she also wanted to give you gifts! When you sign up you could be one of 6 people who will be chosen at random to win a fabulous prizes, such as… *

  • Selfie Light with Cell Phone Tripod Bundle ($35 value)
  • ZOMEI Ring Video Lighting Kit with Stand ($100 value)
  • Unleash Your Captivating Health Coach Story Course ($200 value)
  • Ignite Your Network Course ($1297 value)
  • Balanced Blood Sugar Protocol ($997 value)

Get the details about the Masterplan and gifts  – and sign up here to be eligible to win.

I fully believe in Christi Cass and the power of her programs and in full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that I’ll earn a referral fee if you sign up for any offer she may make during the Masterplan through my referral link, but you should know that she is AMAZING and I wouldn’t promote her or her work unless I fully believed in her. Promise.