Health coaches, you need a signature program – here’s why…

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Business-Building Resources

I was talking with a client who is a health coach the other day, and she was telling me how long she had been working on her signature program.

But every time she started to sit down and actually write it out, she started to procrastinate. Instead, she would:

Watch an episode of Bridgerton…
Or make yet another cup of tea…
Or take a catnap…
Or throw a load of laundry in…
Or a bazillion other things…anything EXCEPT create her program!

And I told her that this is very normal.

It can be paralyzing trying to think about… 

How long the program should be
How many sessions it should include
What topics should be covered
How much to charge

That’s why I’m soooo happy my good friend Michelle Leotta is taking on this topic to help the health coach community out. 

Michelle has a free 5-day training coming up that is based on her 13 years of experience as a successful, practicing health coach and business mentor called “Create Your Signature Program in Just 5 Days.”



It starts April 24th!

I know it sounds crazy, but one of Michelle’s many gifts is that she makes the hard stuff easy. She is going to walk you through creating an actual program you can use in your business after the challenge.

Register here for free.

In this free 5-day challenge you’ll walk away with:

  • A complete program ready to enroll clients into by Day 5 (told ya!) 
  • An easier way to sell your services
  • All the logistics figured out so you can hop to it and change people’s lives

If you’ve been stuck in the procrastination station for a while now, this may just be the thing to get you off of Netflix and back into creating your program.

Give it a whirl and register for Michelle’s challenge here.

Here’s to creating your signature program by the end of the challenge!

In full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that if Michelle invites you during or after the challenge to enroll in a program or course, I’ll earn a referral fee if you choose to sign up through my affiliate link. Know that I wouldn’t recommend Michelle or this challenge if I didn’t fully believe in her work. #promise