Heather Alice Shea on finding the courage to listen to your intuition

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Intuition, Podcasts

So many entrepreneurs and small business owners (maybe you?) find themselves in the energetic frequency of fear, distrust, worry, nervousness, anxiety and distress, and not listening to their own intuition.

They don’t know how to combine the practicalities of running a business with their intuition’s desire to give, serve, teach, and support their clients. It can feel like such an uncomfortable juxtaposition of service and profit—because to be able to serve, you need money to live.

Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath, settle in, close our eyes and ask ourselves:

What do I really need right now to grow my business?
What step feels most aligned for me to take?
What do I really want in this moment?

We can tune into our voice of intuition to find out what is right for us at any given time.

In this episode, I’ve invited intuitive guide Heather Alice Shea to talk with us about how to tap into your intuition, the role intuition can play for you in your work, and how your intuition can positively impact your daily decisions – and how to listen to your OWN intuition more closely.

Heather took a courageous leap by creating a professional intuitive coaching program based on scientific research. She’s dedicated to helping others have a deeper understanding of intuition and how to step into really owning their intuitive gifts. She’s the founder of Atmana Coaching Academy, the world’s first Intuitive Life Coach Training & Business Development Company that formally integrates intuition into the coaching process. She’s also the host of The Everyday Intuitive Podcast.

Heather has a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of North Florida. She’s a licensed HeartMath® Life Coach and Mentor, Certified Hypnotherapist, and past life regression hypnosis expert. She currently works with clients all over the world in her signature down-to-earth style full of humor, heart, and the occasional swear word.

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In this episode, Lisa and Heather share:

  • How Heather decided to become an intuitive coach
  • How Heather found the courage to dive into her intuitive gifts
  • Why Heather is passionate about providing research-based training for others
  • Suggestions for cultivating awareness of your inner experience
  • Different tools to help tap into your intuition
  • Understanding the difference between irrational and non-rational decisions
  • Why Heather believes entrepreneurs should use intuitive decision-making

And be sure to hop over to the website to give yourself the gift of understanding yourself and your intuitive gifts and take Heather Alice Shea’s Intuitive Coach Archetype Quiz.

Here’s to tapping into your intuition!