Here’s how I can help you with your BOI Report.

by | Feb 19, 2024 | DIY Legal Master Classes

It’s tax season.💸 (Blech, I know.) It’s a U.S. government requirement if you own a business.

But, don’t worry I’m not here to talk about taxes.

Do you know what else is a U.S. government requirement if you own a business?

The BOI Report.

It’s BRAND NEW this year, so everyone is totally confused about it. Everyone’s saying, “what the heck is this thing?”

And before you have heart palpitations thinking “I don’t know how to do that!” 💓

I’m here for you.

Here’s the scoop: 🍨

The BOI Report is NOT an easy form to fill out.

There are over 50 lines to fill in. It can be hard to know which sections apply to you and which parts you can skip.

That’s why I’ve done the heavy lifting. I’ve made it EASY for you.

I’ve read the BOI reporting requirements end to end.

(Honestly, it was about as fun as pulling weeds🌱🤮 – but, it’s important because I want you to know how to fill out the BOI Report correctly.)

If you own an LLC or S-Corp or PLLC or PC or you’re a sole proprietor who has filled out a business license with your state…

➡️ How would it sound if I could walk you through it, line by line? What if you could do your own BOI Report along with everyone else – together! – during a LIVE Master Class?

Well, you’re in luck!🍀

Join me for a 90-Minute LIVE Legal Master Class:
“How To File Your BOI Report”

Thursday, February 22
12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET



It’s THIS Thursday – in 3 days! – so mark your calendar and enroll now. 🗓️

Don’t miss out…because I’m only offering this LIVE class ONE TIME.

Even if you have a conflict, sign up. It’s just $97. The class will be recorded, so there’s no excuse not to sign up. Just watch the replay to get your BOI Report done.👏

We’ll be meeting on Zoom. You’ll be able to ask questions. Watch your email so you can come prepared. (You’ll need to bring a few pieces of key info to the Master Class.)

Then I’ll be walking you through it on Zoom… in real time!

Here’s to filling out government forms with legal ease!

Get your BOI Report done with our group in our LIVE class this Thursday. I’ve made it super-easy for you. Just enroll right here and watch for deets.