How I shifted my approach to marketing…

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Business-Building Resources

After 7.5 years in the online space as an entrepreneur, I still don’t like marketing. #trueconfession

For years it felt overwhelming to create an e-newsletter marketing calendar, social media planner, and all the online stuff you hear about. The whole marketing piece felt so unclear. It was vague to me how to do online programs or marketing for so many years. I truly had no clue how to do it.

Enter Marie Forleo who rode in on her online-marketing-white-horse and SAVED me in 2013. 

Seriously. My whole business approach and attitude towards marketing dramatically changed.

Here’s why:

Marie’s flagship course – B-School – helped me go from “part-time health coach while I was working my day job” to “full-time lawyer, book author, paid speaker and podcast host who has indulged in gelato and rigatoni in Italy 3 TIMES in the past 4 years, had a professional photo shoot next to a sculpture by Michaelangelo in the Four Seasons hotel, and who has booked luxe trips to Chicago to see “Hamilton,” helicopter trips in Maui, 10 days in New Zealand and more.

I NEVER would have been able to live this lifestyle if it weren’t for B-School.

When I discovered B-School 7 years ago, I learned that marketing didn’t have to feel like a chore or something I HAVE to do. It could be light and ease-filled and organized – which is exactly what I wanted to feel.

Marie said when you start running your business like a “pro”(aka taking it seriously and focusing on making a difference), doors will open for you. Boy, was she was right about that! In the past few years alone, I’ve published my book, hosted a weekly podcast on iTunes and spoken on high vibe stages like the Bellagio in Las Vegas and events hosted by Jonathan Fields.

Marie also gave me permission NOT to do the things you “should” be doing if they don’t feel right. (Thank you, Marie! “Amen” to that!)

Not only does Marie run an uber-successful B-School each year worth MULTI-MILLIONS of dollars (doors are opening soon!), but you probably know she’s also been on “Super Soul Sunday”, graced Oprah’slive event stages, and been a coach on “The Steve Harvey Show”. Clearly, she knows her stuff!

Feeling like you want to learn from Marie to get your biz up and running faster but also with grace & ease? 

Check out Marie’s (brand new!) free video workshop series HERE to help you  learn how to create a business you love.



I hope you’re as inspired by Marie as I am. I think you’re going to like this new video series!

Here’s to building a business (and lifestyle!) you love! 

I fully believe in the power of B-School and Marie’s videos based on my personal experience. In full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that I’ll earn a referral fee if you choose to sign up for B-School through my link, but you should know that Marie’s videos and course is AMAZING. That’s why she’s so popular. I wouldn’t promote Marie’s work unless I fully believed in her. Promise.

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