How legal documents catch you before you fall

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Legal Starter Kit

There’s a strange relationship between risk and safety when it comes to biz…

I call it “The Paradox of Safety and Risk”:

We need to feel safe FIRST… otherwise we don’t take RISKS to grow.

Like how we think about creating a new course, but we let tech get in the way and we don’t do it… because it all feels unfamiliar.

And we create a beautiful website, but we can’t quite push “publish”… because we feel vulnerable.

And we lower the price of our program during a discovery call… because we’re afraid it seems “too expensive”.

We stop moving forward when we don’t feel safe.

Paradoxically, both safety AND risk are required for success… It’s not a choice between “either/or”… it’s “both/and.”

Think about it [firstname]. If you’ve ever jumped out of an airplane (which, BTW, I haven’t done – but my husband has done dozens of times), you wouldn’t jump unless you knew you had a working parachute.

The parachute helps you feel SAFE when you’re taking a giant RISK – jumping out of a plane and falling to the earth.

I’m guessing you wouldn’t come close to jumping if you didn’t have a parachute.

So how can you FEEL safe to take a risk in your biz? Where’s your parachute?

As a lawyer, I obviously care a lot about reducing your risk and keeping you safe.

That’s why I’m always talking about how getting legally covered helps you to feel safe, secure and grounded so you can grow in your business.

In biz, your legal steps and your legal documents help you to feel safe.

Legal Love™ Tip: Legal documents are like a parachute for your biz… they catch you before you fall.


How so, exactly?

Here are 5 ways that legal docs catch you before you fall. They help you:

  1. feel safe by creating a firm legal foundation for your biz
  2. reduce your risk on the front end with protective legal language
  3. limit your liability to help you not feel worried or exposed
  4. include disclaimers which allow you to relax and exhale
  5. feel more confident and rooted because you know they have your back

If you’re just getting started or don’t have your legal docs in place yet, one of our Legal Starter Kits can serve as your parachute.

They’re super-easy, simple, and clear documents written in plain English. You just download them and fill in the blanks. There are even quick 20-minute audio guides to support you.

Check out the Legal Starter Kits HERE.

Here’s to feeling safe to take risks so you can jump out of your proverbial biz plane.

Know that I’m celebrating your courage to take risks… and honored to provide the docs to help you feel safe as your biz parachute!