How not to make medical claims

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

When you’re passionate about a product like essential oils, or a program that you’ve created to help people cope with an autoimmune disease, you want to scream as loudly as you can that your product or program can cure or heal whatever they’re suffering from. 

Often, when we’ve experienced our own healing process, we can be passionate about sharing the benefits of a particular program or product.

Whether you’re a: 

  • functional medicine practitioner
  • holistic health coach
  • energy healer
  • spiritual guide
  • Reiki master
  • life coach
  • essential oils distributor
  • MLM representative
  • or someone else who believes in other holistic measures to help create ease in a life of someone suffering from chronic pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression or other ailments…

You want to share all of the information and tools you can about how to support people with chronic illnesses with natural and energetic remedies, right?


BUT… and this is a big BUT…but not THAT kind of “big butt”…

You need to do it without getting yourself into hot water. You don’t want to cross the line into making medical claims or disease claims. 

How do you know where the lines are drawn? How do you know what’s considered a “medical claim” or a “disease claim”?

What can you say – and what shouldn’t you say – to keep yourself from violating FDA regulations or being investigated for practicing medicine without a license? 

Listen to podcast episode 74 on iTunes HERE to help you know how to stay in the “safe zone” and not be accused of making medical claims or disease claims.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What’s considered a “medical claim” – and why you don’t want to make one
  • What’s considered a “disease claim” – and why you don’t want to make one
  • 5 things NOT to do or say that will keep you safer!
  • 3 things you CAN do or say because these things aren’t considered to be making “medical” or “disease” claims
  • Why I align feeling safe in knowing what to say and do with the root chakra

Here’s to knowing how not to make medical claims so you can feel more safe, secure, confident & empowered in your biz!