How to attract clients who will gladly pay

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Refund Policy & Collections

I’m a believer in the Law of Attraction – or at least that the world mirrors back to you what you believe on the inside. If you think that way too, then you know that “like attracts like” (or “like reflects like” if you prefer.)

“Like attracts like” applies to the law too.

For example, when a client asks you for a refund, it can indicate where you might have a money leak, energetically speaking.

But, when you use a written refund policy, it helps to protect your income by plugging money leaks.

How so? You create stronger energetic boundaries which can attract clients who also honor your boundaries.

Stronger energetic boundaries shifts how YOU show up in your business as a leader which helps to expand your money, creativity, and abundance.

The MORE that you create clear energetic boundaries… the LESS OFTEN clients will ask you for refunds.

I like to call that a “spiritual side effect” of the law. #thelawisspiritualtoo

(Betcha never thought of the law that way before, right? I know. It’s part of what makes my approach to the law so unique.)

Because there’s one thing you should know about me…I’m not your typical lawyer.

I’m an Attorney, Legal Coach®, Speaker and Author of the book Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good for Your Soul.

I’ve helped thousands of coaches and entrepreneurs take easy legal steps and realize that the law doesn’t have to be negative or scary.

Most lawyers only talk about the practical side of the law… how it covers your buns and reduces your risk. However, I believe the law does more than that.

I believe the law protects you in PRACTICAL ways AND ENERGETIC ways… and I infuse positive energy into the law while aligning legal documents with the chakras.

Specifically, I align refund policies with the sacral chakra, the second energy center of the body associated with abundance, creativity, pleasure, sensuality, trust, relationships, boundaries – and yes, money.

Need to plug a money leak?

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Here’s to attracting clients who will gladly pay – and to plugging your money leaks!