How to avoid feeling sleazy or pushy in your biz

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Blog, Business-Building Resources, Confidence

I hear worries like this from my clients all the time:

  • “I’ve put so much work into my website but I’m scared to press ‘publish’ because everyone will see it. What if they don’t like it? I’ll feel like I’ve totally failed.”
  • “I’ve created a new 4-week program but I am not sure if I am giving enough value. I’m scared to make it expensive because then no one will buy it, so I’ve added 5 extra bonuses. Do you think $197 is too much to charge?”
  • “I’m just starting out and I have my first discovery call with a potential client, but don’t I need to register my business to make it official first? I’m worried I’ll get in trouble with the government or the IRS will come after me.”

Sound familiar? Insecurity shows up all over the place.

Let me reassure you: It’s totally expected and natural to feel that way, especially when you’re just starting out or stretching in a new direction.

Becoming an entrepreneur and leaving the safety and security of a steady paycheck that comes with a 9-5 day job is one of the scariest things to do. Hands down.

It’s a huge stretch to leave your day job, secure income, and everything you’ve ever known in the work world to create something on your own at your kitchen table, spare bedroom, or in a coffeehouse while drinking lattes.

I know it was for me.

Building a business from the ground up using a laptop, an iPhone and a prayer is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Which says a lot considering I have done other things most people would consider “hard” like:

  • Pass the bar exam to become a lawyer
  • Travel to Europe by myself
  • Run three marathons (including one in 25º weather – NOT fun!)
  • Get a job in the White House (that I turned down to go to law school!)
  • Dress up for a fancy dinner at Le Cirque in Las Vegas and order a table for one. (Yep! I actually did that. On purpose. To challenge myself. It was hard.)

Building a business requires you to draw on your inner CONFIDENCE, POWER and STRENGTH to help you move forward, one day at a time to build the business of your dreams.

One of the best things you can do to find your confidence is to call on an expert.

That’s why I’m so excited to interview Kendrick Shope, Creator of Authentic Selling®, to talk about how to “Find Confidence” so you can sell anything that you want.

Join us TOMORROW at at 8am PT/11am ET for the webinar. Register HERE.


During the webinar, Kendrick will give you clear action steps to sell with grace so you can stop being scared of promoting your services or raising your rates.

If you don’t know Kendrick, she is #dabomb. She’s a powerhouse business coach with a no-nonsense attitude (and huge heart!) who’s an expert on how to sell in an authentic way without being sleazy or pushy.

Kendrick’s been on TV on “The Steve Harvey Show” and Grant Cardone’s “Ask the Pro” show, and she hosts her own online TV show and podcast called “Sell Like a Woman” (don’t you just love that name?!).

She is the creator of “Sales School” and her whole biz revolves around Authentic Selling® (which she trademarked!)

This is webinar #3 in my free Grow with Grace series – my gift to you to help you build a soulful business with love and to hear how I’ve done it over the past few years and my guest experts have done it with their businesses too.



Save your seat HERE for my webinar with Kendrick.

If you can’t attend live, sign up anyway and you’ll be sent the recording within 24 hours (and you’ll also have access to all 7 webinars in the series and the recordings.)

I am loving diving into business and chakras in a heartfelt and soulful way in this webinar series. I so appreciate your positive feedback as we “go beyond the law” to talk about how to Grow with Grace in life and business.

I can’t wait to share Kendrick’s Authentic Selling® wisdom with you!

If you missed the 2 previous soulful interviews – don’t worry! You can sign up for the entire Grow with Grace  webinar series here and you’ll get the links to ALL of the webinars (and recordings).