How to be nice AND make money

by | May 30, 2017 | Blog, Business-Building Resources

As a coach or entrepreneur, why does it seem so scary to ask for payment?

This comes up so often with my clients when their clients have missed a payment, or when they’re raising their rates and afraid to share the higher rate with a prospective client.

Why are we scared to ask for money when we know that the value of the information we are offering is priceless and completely life-changing?

Why do we chose being nice over making money?

Ohhhhh! That’s right. It’s because since we women were little girls, society teaches us that we should be nice and kind and helpful and quiet. No offense to the guys, but we women, especially, are told not make waves. We’re told—both overtly and covertly—not to be disliked. Not to be excluded. Not to be talked about, not to be criticized, not to be a “bad girl,” not to make people angry at us.

We’re taught to be nice. We’re taught to be pretty. We’re taught to be quiet.

Moreover, we are taught that we’re supposed to be nice over making money. We’re taught that it’s better to be viewed as “nice” than “greedy” or “money-hungry.”


How did we learn that “nice” and “money” are positioned at opposite ends of the spectrum?

How come “being nice” and “making money” are viewed as polar opposites?

I have always wondered … why can’t we be nice AND make money? Why can’t we have people like us AND stand up for ourselves? Why can’t we give amazing, loving coaching services in a 90-day program AND make $2,500? Or $25,000? Why can’t we make our offers without feeling guilty for charging for our services or asking someone to pay for our knowledge?

Why can’t it be an AND? Why does it feel like it needs to be an OR?

This is exactly why I want to introduce you to Denise Duffield-Thomas, if you don’t already know her.

Denise is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, and money mentor to thousands of online entrepreneurs.

Her popular Money Bootcamp has helped over 3,500 women (including me!) clear their money blocks, transform their money mindsets, and collectively earn millions more in income, while having a lot more joy and ease in their lives.

I’m so excited because Denise is expanding beyond Money Bootcamp and offering a free quiz to help you understand your Sacred Money Archetypes® based on Kendall Summerhawk’s teachings.

Have you ever wondered if you’re a Maverick with your money? Or you act like a Celebrity? Or you’re an Alchemist, Romantic, or something else? Here’s your chance to find out.

Find out your Sacred Money Archetype® in this free quiz here.  

You’ll discover SO much about yourself and your unconscious money beliefs just by taking this quiz. But, it gets even better, because after you receive your results, you’ll also receive a free video training program to help you apply what you’ve learned.

What’s MY Sacred Money Archetype®?

I discovered that I’m a Maverick – which isn’t as reckless as it may sound! It means that my “creativity when it comes to money is amazing” and that I am courageous, fast-acting, and march to the beat of my own drum with a money personality that’s ideal for being an entrepreneur. On the flip-side, I can be prone to shiny object syndrome (so true!), don’t like traditional work settings, and have a lot of balls in the air at once which doesn’t make for a lot of balance (also true!)

As you know, I only recommend programs and people who I like. And full disclosure — this is an affiliate link which means I may earn a commission if you decide to join one of Denise’s programs at some point.

I say that we can be nice AND make money – and it helps  to know how to do it in the context of your money personality – your Sacred Money Archetype®.

Grab the free quiz here while you can.

And please comment below to share with me which money archetype you are. Does it ring true for you? Was the quiz helpful? Did you notice you matched the description? I’d love to hear!

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