Happy New Year! The start of the year is a good time for a little legal inventory for your business.

If you’ve been using legal documents for a while, but you aren’t sure if they’re ACTUALLY covering your buns, here’s what you need to know:

It’s one thing to use a Client Agreement or Website Terms and Conditions.

It’s another thing to know whether they’re actually protecting you.

Do your legal documents have holes? Are you vulnerable? Are you exposed? Are you taking unnecessary risks?

Legal Love Tip: Fill your legal gaps in 2023 so you can feel more confident and secure going forward.



2023 Legal Inventory – Here Are Your Next Steps:

1. Do a quick legal audit of all the documents you have.

Make a list of all of the legal documents you’re using in your business. This shouldn’t take you too long. Just jot them down.

– Do you use a Client Agreement?
– Have Terms of Use with a checkbox for your group participants?
– Are your Website Disclaimer, Website Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy up on your site?
– Do your podcast guests sign a Guest Expert Consent Form to clarify ownership of the interview content and recording?
– Do you have a contract with your team members – like your VA or website designer?
– and so on…

2. Check in to see how you’re feeling.

Where do you feel exposed? In what parts of your business are you worried? Make a list of your concerns. For example, are you:

– Stressed that people keep asking for refunds or canceling their programs?
– Concerned a client will stop paying and nothing is in writing to back you up?
– Worried someone will copy your website?
– Fearing that someone will steal your work – or your brand?
– Scared you’ll be investigated because you’re doing something wrong as a coach?
– Wanting to add affiliates but don’t know what legal document you need?

3. Think about what programs, services or work you want to create in 2023.

Make a list of what you plan to create this year. No need to be super-specific with every program module or detail fleshed out. Keep it high level. Dream into what you want to create and jot down: “This year I’d like to …” For example:

– Create a new 1-on-1 program – or group program – or hybrid program
– Build a new website – or update an existing site
– Protect my new program name or brand and trademark it
– Launch a podcast
– Add affiliates to market my work for me
– Bring on new team members like a coach, VA, website designer or graphic designer
– Co-create a course with a friend or start a joint venture
– FINALLY form my LLC or S-Corp to make my biz “official”

Take a look at your list. Highlight the ones where you don’t have any legal documents or you know you need to upgrade your copy-and-paste-piecemeal-document you pulled together randomly 2 years ago.

Getting professional legal documents in place for your new offers and your work can lower your risk.

Legal documents help you feel more secure. They increase your peace of mind. They put your nervous system in a relaxed state so you can more comfortably expand your income and impact.

4. Check to see if the legal documents you’re currently using have holes.

Gaping holes in legal docs can feel unsettling and downright hand-wringing. (My stomach is tensing up for you just thinking about this!)

How to fill in the gaps, you ask?


Have a listen to the previously-aired Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode 100 on Apple Podcasts HERE or on my website HERE (it’s just 17 minutes – super-quick!)

You’ll find out:

– How to tell whether your legal documents cover you.
– How to know where you have gaps.
– What to do next to fill in those gaps (like spackle to empty nail holes!)

If you don’t have gaps…great! Good work! You’re good to go!

If you DO have gaps, here’s your next step…

5. Get the legal documents you need to start the year legally protected.

Get the documents you need – uplevel your legal docs – so you feel safe and secure.

Find over 45+ DIY Legal Templates here (written in plain English!) that you can download now, fill in the blanks and get into use quickly.

Close those gaps, feel safe, and move forward into 2023 with legal ease!

Not sure exactly what you need?

You can always book a free 20-minute Legal Chat here with my Legal Chat Specialist Blue Russ. Blue is a great listener, wise coach, and grounded soul. She’ll gather your questions and we’ll get you recommendations of next steps.

Remember, when you get legally covered in a loving way, you feel safe, secure, confident and free to do your best work and create anything that you want!

Here’s to getting legally covered so you feel safe and free to create your best work in 2023!