How to expand your wellness business online

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

Are you a holistic practitioner, doctor, health coach, or wellness business owner with a brick and mortar practice? If so, you’ll want to check this out. I love sharing resources from coaches and practitioners I respect and adore, and this is a good one! 

Have you thought about expanding your wellness practice online to reach even more people – or even going entirely virtual – but haven’t taken the leap yet? 

If so, you’re not alone. Many practitioners are choosing to go online so they can free themselves from the constraints of a traditional brick-and-mortar practice. They want to create a business that allows them to:

  •     Be free to move or travel without having to start over
  •     Avoid expensive overhead and the hassle of managing staff
  •     Reach more people and impact more lives
  •     Leverage their time by offering group courses and coaching programs
  •     Offer products and supplements for sale through their website
  •     Scale up their income by expanding beyond the 1-on-1 service model
  •     Cultivate multiple revenue streams for steady cash flow

If you’d like to get the roadmap to creating your own successful online wellness business, be sure to sign up for this free webinar training hosted by Julia Zaslow, NC called “How to Grow a Highly Profitable 6-Figure Online Wellness Business.”


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Julia will show you the path to more flexibility, fulfillment and financial freedom with a step-by-step plan that won’t break the bank.

I met Julia in person for the first time at the NANP Conference this past April in Tucson, AZ where we both were event speakers. We had talked by phone several years ago and I did a bonus webinar for Julia’s clients. Julia is one smart cookie (she went to Brown, after all!) and she knows how to save you time and money if you want to take your work online. 

In Julia’s webinar, here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

  • How to build a $150,000+ virtual wellness business with only a laptop and phone. Free yourself from the constraints of a brick-and-mortar practice using a simple but powerful 5-part strategy.


  • The 3 essential steps to building your 6-figure online wellness business. No successful business is built overnight, yet there is a common 3-step path that all online wellness businesses take as they grow.


  • A simple, non-salesy way to get high paying clients from all over the world. No one wants to feel like a sales person. Julia will teach you how to enroll clients into high-value programs in a totally authentic, heartfelt way.


  • The 5 income streams of a balanced and sustainable wellness business. Julia will show you the 5 primary income streams that will give you leverage, security and sustainability (and ensure you never get bored).

Julia is known for her content-rich webinars and engaging teaching style – and I can personally say that she knows what she’s talking about. Don’t miss this training! 

Register for Julia’s free webinar here.

I will receive affiliate compensation from Julia if you enroll in her course as a result of this free webinar, but please know that I wouldn’t refer her unless I fully believed in her work. Promise! She’s amazing!