How to gain leadership in your biz without feeling too “corporate”

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Blog, Business-Building Resources, Leadership

One of the things that worried me when I started my own business is that I’d morph into a cold, corporate hairy beast.

I was concerned that if I hired a team that I would end up having a hierarchical structure, bazillions of meetings on my calendar, and lose the warmth in my business.

Sound crazy? It might. But I’ve heard the very same thing from dozens of entrepreneurs who are worried about that too.

How do we show up in our biz as the warm, soul-centered entrepreneur we want to be while still being a leader in our business?

No matter how much help we receive from talented team members at the table, we’re still the one responsible for holding the vision, setting the goals, managing the tasks AND ensuring it’s all executed properly.

As the owner of our businesses, the buck (literally and figuratively) stops—and starts—with us. From top to bottom, beginning to end.

As I wrote in Chapter 7 of my book “Easy Legal Steps (That Are Also Good For Your Soul)“, when you’re the leader of anything (a business, a family, a volunteer organization), you “wear the crown” of your business.

(Such perfect timing since one of my favorite shows – “The Crown” – launched season 2 on Netflix on Friday!)

As the queen – or king – of your biz, your view from the castle window allows you to survey your kingdom at a high level. It’s your job to lead the way…and that can be terrifying.

That’s why I’m so excited to talk with Priscilla Stephan TOMORROW  at 4 pm ET / Noon PT to explore what it means to show up in your business as a leader (and how to do it in a soulful, heart-centered way!)



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During the webinar, Priscilla will share clear action steps to lead with grace in a soulful way so you don’t have to feel too corporate when running your own company.

If you don’t know Priscilla, she’s an Intuitive Business Strategist who helps leaders step into their next level of leadership and create more impact and profit with joy and ease.

Priscilla’s holistic approach to success allows her clients to live their dream lifestyle while confidently sharing their brilliance and embodying their purpose.

On a personal note, Priscilla and I had a chance to meet live and in person (such a gift!) in San Diego a few years ago, and she’s also helped me personally through her Akashic record readings. She walks her talk – and she’s amazing!

I can’t believe that this is my FINAL webinar in my free Grow with Grace™ series. It’s been so fun and gratifying to step outside of law for a second to share these beautiful guest experts over the past 7 weeks to focus on how to build a soulful business with love.



Save your seat HERE for my webinar with Priscilla.

If you can’t attend live, sign up anyway and you’ll be sent the recording within 24 hours (and you’ll also have access to all 7 webinars in the series and the recordings.)

I so appreciate your positive feedback as we’ve been “going beyond the law” to talk about how to Grow with Grace™ in life and business.

It’s been good for my soul to expand in this way…and I hope it has been for yours too.





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