How to protect your membership site

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Podcasts, Terms of Use, Website Protection

Membership-based sites with subscription programs are all the rage these days.

They are so popular because clients love that there’s a low barrier cost to entry – and business owners LOVE that they can predict their income on a monthly basis once they’re up and running for a few months and they can assess the data.

But you may be wondering…

What legal documents do you need to protect the content of your program and your membership website?

What do you do if someone cancels their membership halfway through a month or wants a refund?

Listen to Episode 44 to learn how to legally protect yourself when you offer a membership-based subscription program, and how to protect your income and limit your liability.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 3 steps to protect your membership program
  • How to shield your income
  • 2 big reasons to have Terms of Use for your membership program
  • Why Terms of Use aligns with the throat chakra
  • How a Website Disclaimer protects you
  • Why Website Terms & Conditions protects your work
  • Why your Privacy Policy respects your members
  • How to limit your liability when it comes to your program materials
  • What a Mini-Disclaimer is
  • How each legal document aligns with either the root or heart chakras

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Here’s to getting legally covered with a membership site!