Imagine your future High Vibe business with me – here’s how

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Chakras, High Vibe Legal Course | 1 comment

I keep talking about being “High Vibe” in business, but what does that really mean?

I want you to sit back for a second and imagine your future High Vibe business with me.  

Can you picture…

  • Having clear policies so that everything is spelled out from the get-go. 
  • Safeguarding your work so that you have legal language if someone steals your stuff. 
  • Claiming your brand so people know it’s yours

Feels good so far, huh?

How about being able to:

  • Protect your income so you don’t have to give refunds if you don’t want to. #ilikethat 
  • Be more professional and be taken more seriously. #yesplease! 
  • Make more money and you can expand and play bigger. 

Expansion comes more EASILY when you get legally covered because you don’t worry, stress or hold yourself back anymore.

When you know you’ve got contracts and documents in place, your mind relaxes and frees your energy to create new programs, products and courses.

Join me for the brand new LIVE High Vibe Legal Course beginning October 21st to get DIY legal documents AND energetic support that aligns with your chakras.



The High Vibe Legal Course empowers you with 7 steps to get legally covered – that are also good for your soul.

Because guess what? The law protects you not only in practical ways but in energetic ways too.

Now imagine FEELING this way about your biz:

  • Safe & secure – rather than scared & worried. 
  • Supported – so you can create clear boundaries & expectations. 
  • Grounded – so your biz feels more stable & solid.

Ahhh – can you picture it?

And also…

  • Confident – to stand as the leader in your business. 
  • Free – to create whatever you want. 
  • High Vibe to attract more of what you want.

I can assure you, when you take legal steps, you feel safe and secure…and you shift your energy to expand and create.

Ready to protect your biz in a High Vibe way?

Registration is open now! Click here to enroll in the High Vibe Legal Course.

—> Bonus! Enroll by Saturday, September 28 at 11:59 pm PT and receive two 30-Minute Chakra Clearings with Lisa. ($197 value each).

BTW, here’s how some other business owners (just like you) felt after getting legally covered:

I gained so much clarity and confidence in the legal aspects of my business through Lisa’s legal course and our conversations. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge and support. Her guidance and support are invaluable to me as I navigate forward in this health coaching world. She is simply remarkable and working with her keeps me on a clear path.

- Carla R. Hightower, M.D, M.B.A

Certified Integrative Health Coach

There are so many lawyers out in the world. But how many know the ins and outs and potential pitfalls of being an online entrepreneur? Only one who actually IS an online entrepreneur. Enter Lisa. I just know that I’m legally protected, and that frees me up to do bolder, better work.

- Laura Belgray

Copywriting Expert & Owner of Talking Shrimp, Inc.

Thank goodness I found Lisa. Not only did she understand my special needs, she also understands the health coaching business. I highly recommend that you use Lisa for any of your legal needs.

- Cathy Sykora

Founder of The Health Coach Group