Introducing Legal Starter Kit #4: Medical Practice

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Legal Starter Kit

When we introduced Legal Starter Kits several years ago, we had so many people say “Wow! You’ve made it so easy to get what I need for what I do!”

We already have 3 Kits specifically for health coaches, holistic practitioners, business coaches, and all kinds of non-licensed practitioners. People love them. (They’re Legal Starter Kits #1, #2, and #3).

Now we’ve expanded to create a Kit specifically for LICENSED medical practitioners with a new or existing medical practice and working with patients.

Introducing… Legal Starter Kit #4 for a Medical Practice!

This Kit is for you if you’re a licensed medical practitioner: 

  • with a new or existing medical practice
  • working under your medical license
  • seeing patients (either in-person or via telemedicine, but only in states where you’re licensed), and
  • sharing your services on a website or social media (or will do so soon!)



What is the Legal Starter Kit #4:

This Kit is a one-stop-shop if you’re opening a new medical practice or need to upgrade the legal documents in your existing practice.

It’s a bundled package of legal documents you need when seeing patients under your license and you have a website or social media.

Why do you need it?

  • To get the right legal docs you need: Informed Consent Form (Consent to Treat), Telehealth Consent Form, and legal docs to outline your office policies, like payment, cancellation, insurance, and more.
  • To have thorough legal language to reduce your liability, protect your website content, and operate in person or via telemedicine.
  • To have robust written policies to fall back on if someone swipes your website copy or doesn’t pay you for your services.
  • To comply with HIPAA requirements to protect patient confidentiality and have a form ready to go to release medical records to other practitioners.
  • And, most importantly, to feel safe, secure, confident and empowered that you have the right legal documents in place to operate your practice.

What does it include?

It includes 7 DIY Legal Templates for you to download, personalize and have ready quicker than watching your favorite new Netflix show:

  • DIY Informed Consent Form (also called Consent to Treatment) – a written document that your patient signs and gives back to you BEFORE or at the VERY START of your first appointment to consent to medical treatment and agree to your policies around payment, cancellation and other important areas.
  • DIY Telehealth Consent Form – a written document that your patient signs BEFORE you start working with them to get their full and voluntary consent to your Telehealth policies to be sure they understand the benefits and risks of medical services via Telehealth.
  • DIY HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices – the document you’re required to give to patients under the HIPAA law outlining how you’re protecting their confidential personal health information (PHI).
  • DIY HIPAA Medical Records Release Form – a document signed by a patient to give consent for the release of medical records or health information to others who they designate.
  • DIY Website Disclaimer – a longer disclaimer for your website which limits your liability so people don’t get confused about your role and expertise and come after you.
  • DIY Website Terms & Conditions – a detailed legal document to protect all of your intellectual property on your website, including your content, text & images.
  • DIY Privacy Policy – a GDPR-compliant privacy policy detailing how you’ll keep website visitors’ personal information safe & confidential. It’s required for many countries, and even some US states, and necessary for social media ads.

Learn more and purchase Legal Starter Kit #4: Medical Practice here.

Here’s to not worrying about the legal docs you need for your patients, website and social media for your medical practice!

This Legal Starter Kit is designed to give you legal templates that you can customize on your own and use immediately. Know that it won’t create an attorney-client relationship between us and it is not personalized legal advice, but it’s an easy way to get your Informed Consent Form, Telehealth Consent Form, HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices, HIPAA Medical Records Release Form, Website Disclaimer, Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy in place quickly… with lots of Legal Love™!