It’s the perfect time for a legal inventory.

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Blog

It’s a new year. A fresh start.

It’s actually the perfect time for a little legal inventory for your business.

If you’ve been using legal documents for a while but you aren’t sure if they’re ACTUALLY covering your buns, this message specifically is for you.

It’s one thing to use a Client Agreement or Website Terms and Conditions.

But it’s another thing altogether to know whether your legal docs are actually protecting you.

Do they have holes you don’t know about?
Are you legally vulnerable?
Are you being exposed to risk?

Now’s a good time to find out.

Legal Love™ Tip: Take inventory of your legal documents to energetically boost your boundaries



When you have strong legal documents in place, you boost your boundaries – both legally AND energetically.

How so?

⚖️ Legally, legal documents lower your risk and create a solid foundation if someone asks you for a refund, cancels their program, or tries to come after you.

Energetically, when you’re on solid ground, you feel more secure. Your root chakra is supported. Your nervous system relaxes. You feel at ease.

Feeling safe and secure is always the goal!

So take a few minutes and do a quick audit of the legal documents you have. Find out where you have holes. Find out what you might need. Increase your peace of mind.

How to do that?


Listen to my Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode 100 HERE (it’s super-quick – 17 minutes!) for my simple 4 step process.

You’ll find out:

  1. How to tell whether your legal documents cover you.
  2. How to know where you have gaps.


Remember… When you get legally covered in a loving way, you feel safe, secure and confident. You feel free to do your best work and create anything that you want.

If you have legal questions or you need help with filling the gaps, just hit reply and we can help.

Here’s to getting legally covered – and to filling your legal gaps to feel more confident and secure in this new year!