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by | Jun 18, 2019 | Refund Policy & Collections

I am back froma wonderful much-needed vacation to Hawaii. We stopped in San Diego on the way out and I was able to see my dear friends/clients live and in person – Freda Salamy, Gina Gomez, Kathleen LeGrys, Kari Samuels, Keri Nola, and Priscilla Stephan. Then I saw Christine Pavlina in Maui. WHEW! It was a whirlwind… but so amazing to give hugs and spend time together IRL!

In Maui, Scott and I loved walking barefoot on the white (and black!) sand beaches, going in a submarine to the ocean floor (we saw sharks, fish and rays!), getting “leid” at the luau (I couldn’t resist!), going to the Food & Wine Fesival at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, flying in a helicopter over the rainforest, waterfalls, and turquoise blue ocean, and just simply relaxing. It was heavenly. Here’s a pic from the luau...

Now that I’m back, I want to dive into money stuff.

I’m guessing that one of your biggest fears in biz is losing money. Clients ghosting you. Clients issuing chargebacks. Clients asking for refunds.

When a client asks for a refund, it feels like a punch in the gut.

It’s also a kick in the teeth for your Stripe account. It hurts to see money taken away…and it’s so much energy to fight it.

I’d hate to hear you have to give a refund or say “I shoulda-coulda-woulda” when you can have an easy fix.

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