Join me in one of the most beautiful cities in the world for work AND play!

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Blog, Retreat

I’m so excited!

You probably know by now that my husband Scott and I absolutely LOVE to travel. 

We went on 17 trips in 2017, 17 trips in 2018 and 15 trips in 2019. I’ve gotten pretty good at staying at gorgeous hotels, booking exciting excursions (like a helicopter tour over Maui, horseback riding on the beach, a private tour of an Italian palace…), and eating at fine restaurants al fresco overlooking the shoreline of Venice, the sailboats in Auckland harbor, and the black sands and fjords of Iceland.

I’ve also gotten good at knowing what types of tours are NOT worth the money (aka how to stay away from total rip-offs!) and what kinds of restaurants to avoid (um, the kind that have tacky plastic menus in the windows, obvi)

It’s always been my dream to take all of this knowledge and plan a summertime international retreat for you in the gorgeous city of Florence & rolling hills of Tuscany. 

As my dear friend Keri Nola said on my FB post “This will be such a gift to everyone who is called, Lisa! You are the QUEEN of the “AND”, so Legal Love AND delicious food AND gorgeous sites AND luxurious shopping is totally your domain to share.” ????

And now it’s here! 

If you’ve always wanted to go to Italy (or want to go back!), join me to…


Experience Florence! 

a holistic luxury experience in Italy
to feel lighter, brighter & more confident in law, life and business

(it’s not your typical business retreat!)  

June 6-11, 2020



This 4 day/5night curated experience is for you if:

You’re a coach, practitioner or heart-centered business owner and…

  • you’ve taken the online courses
  • you’ve taken some legal steps
  • you’ve hired a VA
  • you’re wanting to uplevel your biz FASTER and in a more FUN way!
  • you want to indulge in your biz AND see some results – and you just want to do it differently
  • you’ve always wanted to go to Italy!

How cool would it be to uplevel your business in Italy AND have an incredible life experience that you’ll always remember?

This is the perfect way to get clear about your next business and legal steps (specifically for YOUR biz) AND experience private curated tours of some of Italy’s most famous masterpieces.

We’ll work on biz stuff in the morning and then have private tours in the afternoons of the majestic Duomo cathedral, the gilded Pitti Palace, and private food and wine tastings in Tuscany – all while enjoying creamy gelato, homemade pastas and local wines in the evenings. Bellissimo! 

(BTW, these are real photos of Scott and me from our trips to Florence…this is how gorgeous the city looks! The photo of Scott and me was taken on the same street as the Retreat hotel…and the church (Duomo) is literally right around the corner. This is exactly what you’ll see for yourself when you’re at the Retreat.)



Here are the top 3 reasons you want to be at this retreat:

  1. IT’S ITALY! (Need I really say more??) ???? If you’ve always wanted to go to Italy (and you want a legit business reason to go) AND you want to expand your business & legal protection while also eating authentic pasta and gelato and seeing the Florentine sites in style, this trip is for you!


  2. IT’S A TRIFECTA! It’s law, business and travel combined! you know I’m always about the “and”! spend the mornings feeling clear, confident and courageous in biz and the afternoons and evenings sightseeing, shopping and sampling the food and wine.
  3. IT’S A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE! No joke. Travel ignites inspiration. your perspective shifts when the world opens up to you. you see things differently in your life and business. you explore new places and you become more open and courageous.

Get all of the retreat details and register here. 

And then get ready to say “Ciao!” in person! (Doesn’t the food look delish?)



Pssst – If you already know YOU’RE IN for having authentic rigatoni or drinking Chianti overlooking the Tuscan vineyards, then make your deposit HERE by March 5 at midnight and you’ll get some extra goodies:

* a FREE 1-Hour Power Hour with me after the retreat AND

* a small private group lunch with me at a high-end rooftop restaurant overlooking the city of Florence on the last day of the retreat. The view is AMAZING!



Here’s to taking that trip to Florence & Tuscany that you’ve always wanted to take – and having time to work AND play in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

If you have questions, don’t be shy about asking. Feel free to email us. Or if you prefer to chat about it, we can do that too. I’ve been hopping on the phone to help people decide whether coming on the Retreat is right for them – and I’m happy to do that for you too.