Legal basics for health coaches & licensed practitioners using Practice Better

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Business-Building Resources

Did you learn how to run an online biz the hard and expensive way?

(Yeah, me too.)
That’s why I’m such a fan of business tools that are super-easy, reasonably-priced and user-friendly for a technophobe like me.

Practice Better is one of those resources.

It’s a one-stop shop for health coaches and licensed medical providers to manage your practice online. It combines health records, client notes, meal planning software, appointment scheduling, invoicing, and more in a HIPAA-compliant, secure, cloud-based location.

It’s a simple way to manage your clients and practice, and it’s also comprehensive, intuitive and affordable. I know the owner, Nathalie Garcia, personally and she’s definitely created a way to practice better (no pun intended!).

Recently I joined forces with Practice Better to present a free webinar series: Legal Basics for Health Coaches & Holistic Practitioners.



From this 2-part video series (each video is 30-40 minutes), you’ll understand:

  • Why having a legal framework can help protect your health & wellness business and establish a strong relationship with your clients – and what you need
  • How to use these legal pieces inside the Practice Better platform – where they are, when to use them, and how to get client signatures

Watch video 1 here called “Legal Basics for Health Coaches & Holistic Practitioners” and you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s crucial for you to protect yourself through legal documents (and what can happen if you don’t)
  • The 4 main legal documents you need in your practice
  • Why legally protecting yourself is mutually beneficial for yourself and your clients
  • How to make the legal parts easy and approachable
  • How HIPAA applies to you and your business (and yes, Practice Better is a HIPAA compliant platform!)

Then watch video 2 here called “Legal Basics for Health Coaches & Holistic Practitioners Applied in Practice Better” and you’ll learn:

  • How to set up the 4 main legal documents inside Practice Better that I recommend for working with clients – whether you’re licensed or non-licensed
  • A brief discussion about mini-disclaimers and where to use them
  • How a liability waiver differs from a client agreement – and when to use each one
  • How to share these legal documents with your clients directly from Practice Better and collect their signatures before delivering your services

Enjoy these free videos as a gift from Practice Better and me to help you feel more safe, secure, confident and empowered in getting legally covered – AND know how to hook up the legal documents within the Practice Better platform.

Here’s to using legal documents and Practice Better so you can, well, practice better!