Love up your brand with a Trademark

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Trademark & Copyright

Recently I did a Facebook Live with business coach Lesli Bitel for registered dieticians and health coaches about how to protect your brand with Trademarking.

I got a lot of questions from peeps about how to keep people from swiping their brand – their program names, taglines, biz names or logos.

Creating a brand is powerful – and lucrative.

You can make BOATLOADS of money with a well-recognized program name or business name.

To put it bluntly, you don’t want Copycats and Swipers to copy or steal your brand.

That’s why Trademarking your brand is so important.

For example, if you poured your heart into coming up with a meaningful biz name that you’re passionate about and made millions of dollars with – like my client Chris Winfield did with mega-brand “Super Connector Media” and its companion brand “The Super Connector”… you’d want to protect your brand too!


You’d want to give your brand the GIFT of Trademarking.

Here are 3 reasons why Trademarking is such a loving gift to your biz:

1. Trademarking protects your brand power.

What’s your “brand power?”

It’s this….

Your clients see your logo, your fonts, your colors and they instantly know it’s YOU.

Your clients see your newsletters, your social media, your website…and they immediately know that communication is from you and they can’t wait to see it.

Your clients think of you top of mind when someone asks “who’s the best health coach/ business coach/ functional medicine practitioner/ fabulous expert in X that you know?”

Your brand is like a superpower.

It’s the fuel for your business that makes you stand out in your clients’ minds.

2. Trademarking is an asset (meaning that it’s worth MONEY).

A Trademark has actual financial value. It’s an asset.

It’s worth MONEY.

Not convinced about that?

Think about Starbucks. Or BMW. Or Whole Foods. Or Athleta. Or any other well-established brand that you love.

Think those brands don’t have financial value?

Stop and think about it. They’re worth MILLIONS.

You betcha!

Even if YOUR brand isn’t known worldwide like Starbucks or BMW, your trademarked brand name or program name or tagline or logo can have a LOT of financial value.

You can sell a Trademark to someone else.

You can even leave it in your will and pass it on to your kids. No joke.

It can be listed in your portfolio of assets in your business.

It’s something of VALUE.

3. Trademarking gives you legal protection if someone steals your brand.

A Trademark registered with the USPTO gives you the legal right to claim and use your brand for 10 years – which means no one else can use it in the same type of business without your permission.

This means you’re presumed to be the rightful owner simply by owning the Trademark.

This means that if someone challenges you or says YOU copied THEM, THEY have to actually prove it – the burden of proof isn’t on you.

You can show your registered Trademark to back you up as primo evidence to support you.

You’re the one holding the gems and wearing the crown.

You’re the presumed ruler of your brand. Not them. YOU.

I actually like to say that getting a Trademark is the “crown jewel” for a small business owner or entrepreneur.

Because Trademarking is one of the highest frequency protections for your biz, I associate it with the crown chakra.

Legal Love™ Tip: Love up your brand with a Trademark.



Knowing all of that, do you think you might have a business name or tagline that you want to protect?

Then here’s your next step….

Start with Step 1: A Trademark Search right HERE.

Not sure yet whether you have something to Trademark?

No worries at all. Just comment below and we’ll point you to some free tools to help you get clear.