Meet me at Healer’s Code Live in January

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

If you’re like me, you’re full-swing into holiday planning. You’re wrapping gifts for your kids and teachers – and at the same time you’re wrapping up your biz for 2019.

I invite you to pause for just one sec and prepare to start 2020 in a grounded way.

Join Keri Nola and me at a LIVE weekend event focused on how to:

  • Magnetize soulmate clients
  • Upgrade your abundance frequency (<— this is my favorite part of the event!)
  • Radiate your real self
  • Confidently sell your gifts
  • Free your fear of being seen
  • Master the new marketing mindset

Be part of Healers Code Live! in sunny San Diego January 11-12, 2020 hosted by Keri Nola! 



I attended this event last year and Keri has a magical way of creating a beautiful container for deep transformation in such a short period of time.

The main goal of this event is for you to walk away believing and knowing that you can heal, help and serve from love AND experience financial prosperity and abundance at the same time.       

This event is for you if you consider yourself a healer (traditional or otherwise!) who is…

Over being seduced by “cookie cutter” strategies and “12 step plans”
Tired of trying to fit into the status quo
Ready to express yourself more fully in life and work
Aware of a power and wisdom within that you want to remember how to cultivate and share
Desire being met, seen, and supported in a way that deeply honors your unique heart, style, and purpose.

Keri isn’t interested in shiny bells and whistles. She goes deep into the heart of what’s in the way of receiving abundance in a real and deep way. (She IS a former therapist after all!) 

You’ll get high-touch, heart-centered content focused on messaging and marketing so you can be seen, heard, and hired with ease. And you’ll get healing from the inside out. Sounds dreamy, right!?

Not only that, but I’ll be speaking on stage again this year about how to get legally covered so you feel FREE to attract more abundance.

You won’t just be a number – she’s only holding space for 100 people. Over 60 people have already registered. Will you be joining us? 

Learn more and save your seat to “Healer’s Code Live” to join Keri and me in the warmth and sunshine in January HERE. 

Here’s to giving yourself permission to receive more abundance – and being together in person at Keri’s live event!