New Zealand & legal tips for hiring 4 key team members

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Hiring a Team, Podcasts

I’m back and settled from an incredible trip to New Zealand with Mike Dooley of We hiked up a volcano, learned about Maori history, boated on Milford Sound (in a yacht, if you can believe it!), walked on black sand beaches, and basically took in the gorgeous mountains where they filmed Lord of the Rings and the beautiful landscape. We were in Auckland on the North Island (known as the City of Sails) and Queenstown on the South Island. It was a looooong flight but so worth it!

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I could never have been across the world on such an inspiring trip if it weren’t for my talented and dedicated team members Heather Jernigan (my COO and Lead Coach – you know her from Legal Chats!) and Amy Kozak (my VA) who kept things running smoothly.

Which leads me to want to share some legal tips with you about team members.

So many questions come up when you’re hiring a team…

What kinds of team members do I really need?
Who should I hire first?
Can I even afford to hire a team member?
Should I hire someone as an employee or independent contractor? (And what’s the difference anyway?)
What kind of legal documents do I need?

This episode is packed full of legal tips for hiring these 4 key team members:

  1. Virtual assistant
  2. Website designer / graphic designer
  3. Accountant
  4. Lawyer

It’s Halloween week, so tune in to learn how NOT to get into SPOOKY or SCARY situations with team members by being clear and direct up front.

Learn who to hire first, what questions to ask in an interview (so they don’t GHOST you after they’re hired), and what sections need to be in your contracts. 

Listen to episode 89 of the Legally Enlightened Podcast on iTunes HERE to learn important legal tips for hiring 4 key team members.

Don’t have iTunes? Listen on my website HERE.


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What team members you should hire first
  • What legal documents you need for your team
  • 6 key sections that should be in your Agreement for a Virtual Assistant
  • 8 key sections that should be in your Agreement for a Website/Graphic Designer
  • When you should hire an accountant 
  • Questions you should ask an accountant when hiring them 
  • What you should know when hiring a lawyer
  • Questions you should ask a lawyer when hiring them 

Have a listen here to this 17-minute episode!

Here’s to more confidently hiring your team and avoiding SCARY situations!

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