Newbie creating an online course? Simplero’s Starter plan to the rescue.

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Business-Building Resources

Creating a group program or online course – but want to keep things simple?

Want to host your video modules “somewhere” – but aren’t super-confident with online systems? 

Looking for one centralized place for participants to access your course content – but don’t want to pay a ton?

Perfect. You’re going to want my fave online platform for newbies. 

Enter Simplero. This is the online platform I’ve used for the past 8 years.

If you’ve purchased any of my DIY Legal Templates or my “get legally covered to go bare now” online course, you’ve logged into Simplero. It even holds all of my e-newsletters, billing/invoices, client info, and so much more.

Love this platform. I met Simplero’s founder through Marie Forleo’s B-School back in 2013. (He even became a client!) 

This is exciting news! Simplero now has a “Starter” plan to host and launch your first online course, membership site or product.



If you’re a techno-phobe, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to stress you out.

It’s designed to be simple. (Hence the company’s name “Simplero”… it’s a play on “simple”… get it?)

And it’s reasonably priced – just $59/month (paid annually).

What’s included?

The Starter plan is perfect if you’re just starting out. It includes the ability to:

  • Hold 500 contacts (these can be clients, e-newsletter distribution list, etc.)
  • Have unlimited landing pages for opt-ins or sales pages
  • Create 1 membership site
  • Publish 1 course
  • Sell 1 product
  • Publish a full-power website (like the higher level Simplero plans)
  • Use a simple automations system (so you can send autoresponders, etc.)

The Starter Plan is all about “Less is More.”

Simplero has streamlined the user experience for biz newbies to help you get to success faster.

And it even allows you the option to upgrade as you grow without having to move all of your stuff to another platform. #bonus

I’m proud to be an affiliate for Simplero – though for years I recommended them to everyone before they even had an affiliate program.

You can find out more about the Starter plan under the Pricing tab here.  

When you’re ready to share your first course, membership site or product, using an easy, simple platform makes it sooooo much easier.

If you have any questions about Simplero, you can reach out to them directly. They have great customer service.

Or just hit reply and I’m happy to share more with you about my own experience with them.

Here’s to launching your first course… and making it simple through Simplero!

Since I am an affiliate for Simplero, as I shared above, that means I will receive an affiliate commission if you sign up for their services through my link here.