Offering online fitness classes? Read this.

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Disclaimers & Waivers, DIY Legal Templates

Gyms and yoga studios may be opening soon post-COVID…but there are a LOT of people who are LOVING their online fitness classes and training sessions.

(Myself included… I’m a huge fan of P.volve!!) 

If you are a fitness instructor, yoga teacher or personal trainer, it can feel scary holding a video class – whether a 1-on-1 personal training session or a group yoga or fitness class –  and wondering if you are exposing yourself to risk. 

It’s normal to wonder…

What if someone hurts themselves in my online yoga class?

What if I hold a personal training session and I can’t correct someone’s form through the video? 

What if I can’t even see that they aren’t using proper form through the video?

What if someone doesn’t tell me that they have a prior injury that I can’t see through the computer screen? 

I don’t want to be liable if they injure themselves!

I get it. I’m actually trained as a fitness instructor through ACE so I understand these worries both from the fitness perspective AND the legal perspective.

If you’re a fitness instructor, yoga teacher or personal trainer, this Legal Love™ Tip is specifically for you: (If you’re not one, pass this email along to your fave trainer!)

Legal Love™ Tip: Limit your liability for offering online fitness classes or sessions with an online fitness liability waiver. 



I’ve actually received a ton of requests for this exact type of waiver from my fitness instructor friends and clients, so I’ve created a DIY version.

What is it exactly?

The Online Fitness Liability Waiver is a waiver specifically designed for online fitness classes or sessions. It’s a written document that your client signs and gives back to you BEFORE they attend your online classes or training sessions to show they agree to your policies.

It’s NOT a contract which outlines the number of classes you have, how much they cost, what happens if the client doesn’t pay you or your refund policy. That’s an entirely different type of legal document altogether.

This is a simple liability waiver which lets your online fitness clients know that you’re not liable for how they’re moving their body, or for whether they’re using proper form, or for any injuries that may incur.

Why do you need it?

Every client needs to understand and agree to your waiver and be informed that they are assuming the risks and they are personally responsible for their own bodies and movement, so they don’t get confused or injured and come after you if they get injured.

By using this document, you’re ensuring that your client is voluntarily participating in the classes and taking responsibility for their own body.

When do you need to use it?

If you hold online fitness courses, yoga classes or personal training sessions – whether it’s a single drop-in class or a bunch of group classes – you don’t want to leave yourself with no legal protection at all.

This Online Fitness Liability Waiver protects you in the practical ways I’ve shared, but it also protects you ENERGETICALLY too.

When you have the right legal steps in place, you feel more CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED to rock your business knowing you are protected and safe on the legal front. I align it with the solar plexus chakra for this very reason.

Plus, you can sleep at night!

Learn more and purchase the DIY Online Fitness Liability Waiver here. 

Here’s to confidently offering online fitness classes and sessions – even post-COVID!