On Instagram Threads? Here’s how to protect yourself.

by | Aug 7, 2023 | DIY Legal Templates

In case you haven’t heard, Threads 🧵 is a new app developed by Instagram that offers a very similar experience to Twitter and other microblogging apps.

It exploded to over 70 million users in days!

I’m already loving the positive energy over there. How about you?

With a new platform emerging, it’s a good time to check in to make sure you’re legally covered on social media. 

“What legal language do you need on Threads – or other social media apps?”

My client Joan asked me this same question.

Joan is a business coach with a 3-month group program. She’s on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and now Threads. 

Joan reached out because she didn’t want to get in trouble for sharing tips that could be misconstrued or seen as business advice.

She was worried about posting “10 Ways to Make $10k”. Would someone assume that if they do all 10 tips – or even 1 tip – they would be guaranteed to make $10k??

She didn’t want to create unrealistic expectations. She just wants to be encouraging and share helpful tips.

She wants to feel free and comfortable on social media. She doesn’t want to worry about what she says.

Lucky for Joan (and you!), there’s a super-easy way to protect yourself on social media!

Legal Love™ Tip: Use a DIY Mini-Disclaimer to get legally covered on social media.



What’s a Mini-Disclaimer?

A Mini-Disclaimer is a VERY short, abbreviated disclaimer – just 1-2 sentences – that you can use on your social media page and basically everywhere other than your website.

(BTW, don’t use the Mini-Disclaimer for your website – it’s not enough to protect you there. Use the DIY Website Disclaimer instead).

A Disclaimer is legal language that clearly tells people what you do and don’t do so they don’t get confused and come after you.

The #1 reason to use a Mini-Disclaimer is to create CLARITY by DISCLAIMING liability so you can feel SAFE to SHARE on social media.

If you don’t feel safe, you’ll hold back (whether consciously or subconsciously) because you’ll fear being sued or having someone come after you.

You won’t step up and share what you really want to say with the world.

Where do you put a Mini-Disclaimer?

Great question.

On Threads, Instagram and Tiktok, there’s not much room in the bio.

That’s why I recommend using a third party app like linktree so you can have ONE link to share all of your content – including your Mini-Disclaimer!

(Psst! Linktree’s base plan is free!)

Once you create a linktree profile, you can create a link to your DIY Mini-Disclaimer.

Your DIY Mini-Disclaimer can be housed

  • As a hidden page on your website
  • On a Google doc

It’s that easy!

Oh, and did I mention that you can ALSO use your DIY Mini-Disclaimer to

  • say verbally on your videos, FB/IG/Tiktok lives
  • include in your free talks
  • put at the bottom of your free opt in or free e-book
  • use in your YouTube video description

Get a DIY Mini-Disclaimer for just $97 and protect yourself on social media (and videos, audios & sooo many other places) here. 

And then feel free to post away – but only 500 characters on Threads.🧵Short and sweet for the win! 😀

Here’s to getting legally covered… on Threads!