Other lawyers quoted $12,000 just to research this topic

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Functional Medicine Power Hour

I’ve discovered lately that my regular 1-Hour Power Hours can’t go into enough depth to address everything you need to know when you do functional medicine.

⏰ 60 minutes just isn’t long enough.

And it’s not like we can just leave parts out of the call because we’ve run out of time. 🤷

Check this out: This is often how it goes at the end of a 1-Hour Power Hour when I’m talking to a functional medicine coach or practitioner on the phone…

Me: “Wait – what’s that? You said you might want to offer labs through Rupa Health?”

My Client: “I’m not actually sure if I can order labs for my clients at all. Can I even do that? Do my clients even need to be in my state? And don’t some states have strange laws about labs like New York? Hmm.. how does that work?”

Me: “Umm–”

My Client: “And I can use my NPI to sign up with Rupa Labs since I’m a doctor, right? Or should I be ordering labs through their new Lab Shop or something? What do I need to do as a doctor? Or do I need to become a health coach?”

Me: “These are all great questions! I sooooo wish I had known you had all of these questions about labs… We have 3 minutes left in our Power Hour…I’m guessing you can tell that it’s going to take more time than 3 minutes to answer all of these really important lab questions….”

Catch my drift? 💡

It can be challenging to get quick, straight answers on these functional medicine questions if you’re tossing them out in a regular call… and for a good reason! These issues are complicated.

There aren’t “easy answers” about labs or supplements or nutrition laws that you can just look up online. 😞

(I’m guessing you may have tried… I know, my clients come to me frustrated all.the.time because they can’t find the answers online either. That’s why I do what I do.)

Well, now I’ve FINALLY made it easy for you to have a down-n-dirty, deep-dive session to get your functional medicine questions answered…with enough time before we have to hang up the phone.📱

Introducing… the “90-Minute Functional Medicine Power Hour.” 🎉



What is it?

It’s a 90-minute paid jam-packed deep-dive session designed specifically for functional medicine questions so you can ask questions and gain clarity about:

  • ordering labs & sharing results
  • recommending supplements (or private labeling them!)
  • creating personalized protocols
  • crossing state lines
  • the legal lines around discussing root issues of disease
  • when you need to make referrals to medical practitioners
  • and all of the other questions you don’t have answers to…

Often talking about one of these areas leads to another and another… they’re all connected. And you need answers to ALL of them.

So we’ve created ONE call at ONE scheduled time with enough SPACE to talk through ALL of these functional medicine issues.

Why am I the right attorney to help you?

I uniquely understand the legal issues and risks you’re facing.

I know you want more flexibility in HOW and WHERE you work (like from home!). And WHO you work with (wherever they’re located in the world!)…But you want to do it the RIGHT and LEGAL way.

I’m one of very few lawyers in the country who is a former health care lawyer in a large corporate law firm working with hospitals and medical practitioners…

AND I’m a health coach and life coach trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and CoachU.

For the past 11 years I’ve worked with health coaches and licensed medical practitioners in the online space. (Yes! 11 years! I’m like an online dinosaur!)

I’ve worked with (literally) hundreds of practitioners – just like you – who have gotten the clarity they need to move forward.

My clients walk away knowing how to expand their functional medicine practices with a sigh of relief that they got their questions answered and they know how to do things in a legally sound way so they don’t get in trouble.

Like Gina:



Or JiJi:



You can have a solid legal foundation too when it comes to functional medicine.

Learn more about the Functional Medicine Power Hour and book it here.

You’ll be glad you did!

Questions about the 90-Minute Functional Medicine Power Hour?

Book a free 20-Minute Legal Chat with my team here to ensure the Functional Medicine Power Hour is the right fit for you.

Here’s to getting legally clear around Functional Medicine so you can stay safe!

Because this type of Power Hour goes a LOT deeper and longer than just a 1-Hour Power Hour, it’s a higher priced investment than a Power Hour… but worth every penny.

Clients have told me that other lawyers have quoted them $12,000 and up just to RESEARCH these topics! (Which is abhorrent!). That doesn’t even include time teaching it to them!

Other lawyers don’t know this area of the law. State boards and agencies can’t or won’t give you the answers.

We offer the answers at a fraction of the price other lawyers quote – and we even offer a payment plan (of course!) so you can get clear about labs, supplements and everything functional medicine related and (finally!) move forward with your online functional medicine practice… in a legally safe way. Find out more here.