Plagiarism, publishing & people who steal your work

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Podcasts, Trademark & Copyright

When you’re writing a book or creating a new paid program, many writers want to include information created or written by other people.

One of the worries of many authors is that they’ll get sued for using someone else’s work in their book or program. What do you need to be thinking about when you want to use others’ work?

What constitutes copying or “stealing” someone else’s work versus what’s permissible? 

Can you include a paragraph written by someone you admire? 

What can you do if someone copies content from YOUR book or website and puts it up on THEIR website?

Wondering where the line is drawn when it comes to quoting someone else’s work in your program, book or on their website? 

Listen to the Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode 96 on iTunes HERE to gain some clarity about plagiarism and publishing, and what to do if people steal your work.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What constitutes plagiarism
  • Whether you can you actually “steal” someone else’s words
  • What is considered a violation of someone’s Copyright rights
  • What “fair use” means and when it applies
  • The safest thing to do when you want to include someone else’s work
  • Suggestions for posting quotes or images on social media
  • How to handle making recommendations for products 
  • What to do if someone’s taken your work and posted it on THEIR website
  • What a “DMCA Takedown Notice” involves 
  • Other legal issues to consider when you’re writing a book

Have a listen to feel armed with more information about HOW to avoid plagiarizing others’ work and how not to be fearful of getting in trouble if YOU’RE publishing a book.

As always, I believe you’re set free to do your best work and create anything that you want when you get legally covered in a loving way.